The Impact Of Social Media On Teenagers Essay

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With the way social media has progressed, it has made a big impact on teenagers. With how it has evolved over the past couple of years, it has become a necessity for teenagers to be able to access social media. Technology over the years has allowed teenagers to go on social media with their cellphones and other devices. According to Amanda Lenhart (2015) from Pew Research Center, “56% of teens ages 13-17 go online several times a day, 12% go online once a day, 6% go online once a week, and only 2% go online even less than that.” Over the next couple of years in social media, the number of kids who check social media daily will only increase. With most teenagers able to go online, people start to wonder about the impact of social media. Although social media already has an enormous impact on lives, in the future it will become even bigger. Social media can be used to impact teenagers both positively and negatively depending on how they decide to use it. Over the past years social media has made a huge impact on people 's lives, both good and bad.
The positive impact of social media has on teenagers is life changing. When teens go online they stay connected with each other, even when a friend moves away. Not only can they talk to friends, but they also can stay in contact with family members and relatives. Social media allows people to post photos or videos that help show how and what they are doing. Another role social media can play in people’s lives is being a confidence…

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