Social Media And Self Esteem

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Living in today’s technology-filled world there is a great amount in the rise of social media. Social media can have its benefits, but it affects a large amount of teenagers in a negative way. Being a teenager in this day and time, you are basically trying to prove yourself to people around the same age as you. Teenagers spend an excessive amount of time on social media. For generation people have always tried to do something to be accepted by others. Social media introduces one more environment where you have to be accepted by others. Social media can have negative effects on teens and their self-esteem and even their body image. Getting on Instagram daily and seeing what is portrayed as the perfect body by many people may feel like they need that for their popularity also. Social media requires …show more content…
Social media has many negative effects on teen’s self-esteem. I support the ideas of the researchers who show that social media gives off negative connotations. In this selfie culture we have today many teens has two different lifestyles such as the internet persona and their physical human body. "We have a culture that conflates celebrity kinds of attention with being important and being heard," said Aimée Morrison, an associate professor of English specializing in new media studies at the University of Waterloo.”(Clarke). This culture has turned some people rude and they did not care about their surrounding but only to get the right lighting or perfect place. “In fact, I’ve seen friends get so caught up in getting a selfie that they are outright disrespectful, ignoring everyone and everything around them” (Menza). Our culture is more caught up on likes rather than making memories that will truly last forever. “Remember, the emotional boost we get from earning “likes” is temporary. Try to get that same feeling by creating an awesome memory—then you’ve captured a mental photo you can treasure forever”

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