Personal Narrative: My Team Leader

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I am currently assigned to the 68th Chemical Company in Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD. This is the second time that I am assigned the exact same place to the exact same company. There were even some of the people that was assigned now that was assigned then. One of those people was Staff Sergeant Coleman, the last time she was stationed here she was married and her name was Walker. She was not in the Company, she worked on staff at the Battalion. My Team Leader was also previously assigned to the unit, but the last time he was a Staff Sergeant as well, but now he was a Captain.
I in processed into the unit. My team Leader asked if I wanted to go with them to the field. I had just arrived and had not had a chance to settle down. I figured it
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She was a Master Sergeant. At first I looked up to her with the utmost respect. That was shorted lived, granted it took time. There were several things she did before during and after the field training exercise. Day one of the exercise was going off to a good start. The Master Sergeant ordered me to drive them to the range. I did, but I made it known I was not familiar with the area. She told me that she was going to have another NCO drive a different vehicle so I would not get lost. She changed her mind at the last minute, as she ordered me to go pick up my Company Commander. I said ok and went to pick him …show more content…
I say Staff Sergeant Coleman shaking sitting on the ground. I told her to sit in the vehicle and I turned it on. I asked her if she were cold she said no. Then the Master Sergeant told me that the new Private coming from Basic Training and Advanced Initial Training would be taking care of her. I already did not have any respect for this woman. I flag down one of the civilians working on the range and begged him to call 911. The Master Sergeant and my Team Leader were angry but when help arrived they told me I did the right thing. I never got any award, but when we got out of the field I made certain that Staff Sergeant Coleman knew what had happened. It turns out she was having a bad reaction to her blood pressure

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