Perks Of Being A Football Player

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There are many perks of being a football player and one of them is money. The NFL has changed lives with the amount they pay their players. The average NFL player makes 2 million per year while that may seem like a lot, the elite players like Ben Roethlisberger who ”made 49 million last year.” If I can develop into the top defensive tackle in the league my financial situation will be good for the rest of my life. Managing the money thou will be important, because according to Forbes magazine “at least 80% of retired football players go broke.” This ties back in with the lifestyle of a football player, many football players want to so say “support the village” Forbes magazine says “Some athletes feel obliged to provide financial support …show more content…
The decisions you make when you’re a free agent will shape and mold your career. There are many other leagues a player can choose from AFL, CFL, IFL and AIF all of these football leagues can make you good money and lets you play football even thou its not the NFL. These leagues are not just for players released from teams in the NFL it can be a way into the NFL. After college and a player does not have NFL interest, he can sign in any of the professional leagues. Once you start playing you can work your way up from Arena football league (AFL) to the Canadian football league (CFL) and then to the National Football League (NFL). Many successful NFL careers started off like this, Kurt Warner a former star NFL Quarterback played college at the University of Northern Iowa. He was undrafted in the NFL but signed with the Green Bay Packers, he was eventually released thou. Warner was working in a grocery store packing bags until he signed with the Iowa Barnstormers of the AFL. In the AFL he was a star he was getting attention of the NFL, after one season he signed with the St. Louis Rams but was allocated to NFL Europe development leagues, Amsterdam Admirals. He was a star there and then the next season in 1999, an injury to the starting QB and backup QB left Warner as the starter. Warner was once aging a star he lead the rams the offense to number one in the NFL. He was the QB for the greatest offense in NFL history or simply known as “The Greatest Show On Turf.” Warner finished his rookie season with 41 touchdowns, 4,353 yards and a completion percentage of 65.1%. The Rams eventually won the super bowl and warner was deemed a star. His story is one of the most famous development rags to riches story to ever happen in the NFL. The development of his career from undrafted free agent to working in a

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