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  • Hancock Superhero Film Analysis

    Hancock Superhero Film as the Storehouse of Black Stereotypes Hancock is an American superhero movie directed by Peter Berg in 2008 and starring Will Smith, Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman. While in most of the contemporary superhero films, superheroes are loved and admired by the society, in this story, John Hancock (Smith) serves as a burden to Los Angeles citizens: his saving operations regularly cost the city millions of dollars. One day, Ray Embrey (Bateman), the head of a public relations firm whose life Hancock rescues, decides to show his gratitude by transforming Hancock’s public “asshole” image to the image of a “good guy”. This becomes the starting point of the whole adventure (Berg 2008). The short summary of the plot already…

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  • Superhero Film Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man

    Superhero films are quite popular and can be told over and over again from different points of views. By having these films being remade so many times one is able to observe the evolution of the film. Here one takes note of the evolution of Spider-man and The Amazing Spider-man. The time difference between Spider-man and The Amazing Spider-man is not as great a gap as one would think, however the time difference is large enough for technology to advance enough to make a great impact. The…

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  • Film Analysis: Superhero Vs. Archenemy

    The subject of the movie can be Superhero vs. Archenemy, or how two people can be complete opposites. As said in the movie, you have Elijah one side of the spectrum an David on the other side. Elijah can get sick and get hurt, partially because of a disease he has, whereas David has never gotten sick or injured. This is the first example of how the movie shows us how they’re opposites. The film’s first scene starts with a mom and her newborn baby. The mom has just been told that both of her…

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  • The Incredibles: Walt Disney Superhero Animated Film

    Film: The Incredibles The Incredible is a Walt Disney superhero animated film. This film is perfect to watch with the entire family has it demonstrates a strong bond between a family that is made up with superhero who are attempting to fit in. I love animated film and I would watch this specific film over and over again. The color used throughout the film are bright and warm when the focus is on the good characters and soon become dull and cold when the focus of the film shifts to the…

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  • Superhero Film Analysis

    With so many superhero films that we have seen it is challenging to think that we won’t see the films ever again in our cinematic lives. The superhero films have existed since 1987 when the produce the first superman film. It is apparent that the superhero films are extremely popular especially to the youth of today Superhero films are popular because the people who watch the film enjoy the transition from being a normal guy to being a superhero with powers, there is promise of two hours of…

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  • Mutants And Mystics: A Literary Analysis

    What would happen if the average Joe got a hold of immense power? What first comes to mind is the superhero genre, where most often, the ordinary protagonist uses their newfound abilities to overcome tragedy and evil, paving themselves a path of redemption and heroism. According to philosopher Jeffery Kripal, “it was . . . Superman that gave the superhero comics its archetypal form.” Indeed, we see Superman’s moral righteousness in many classical superheroes, from our friendly neighbourhood…

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  • Wonder Woman Superhero

    Superhero films are based on adventurism and escapism that pertains to classic storytelling traditions and mythology. Most popular superhero films are built-in mythologies involving quests and special destinies for people who thought they were just ordinary people, and a consistent theme of a need to put faith in something larger than yourself. For this reason, I believe Wonder Woman is a great example of a superhero that is classified as contemporary mythology. Aside from Superman and Batman,…

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  • Superman Popular Culture

    evil and save the treacherous shovel people, these superheroes are selfless, and they can even sacrifice their lives in order to protect the weak. Superman, the first comic figure to come to America and his story, which is action comics, entered on triumphing over evil every time. Superman sales volume achieved success in that stagnant period in America (Rizzo). The golden age of comic starts around 1930s, and comics effect American cultural a long time. In addition, World War II had a great…

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  • Feminism In Wonder Woman

    The movie Wonder Woman by Patty Jenkins takes on the beloved superhero we all know and love. Wonder Woman is about the backstory of how this superhero came to be. The film depicts issues from the early 1900’s, those including women’s rights, war, and race. Wonder Woman was able to break that stereotype of women in the 1900’s and set a new ground for feminism in the twenty first century, although there were some historical inaccuracies. Women in the 1900’s were expected to stay at home and see…

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  • David Dunn Unbreakable Analysis

    M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable is a superhero film, filled with numerous amounts of supernatural and fatal situations and a couple of strange and powered characters who are active or the conductors of those devastating situations. There is no question that one of those characters, which is David Dunn, is a superhero. He is an unbreakable man that isn’t affected by just about anything, and that can definitely be considered a superpower. Before we get into David Dunn’s specific powers, let’s…

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