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  • Sexism In The Video Game Industry: Sexism In The Gaming Industry

    dude with a gun” (Chriskohler). The developers try shutting down all complaints with the protest that the “average” gamer won’t try to go for the interesting, unique cover, but for what is familiar to the point of over use, all because it’s a woman. Of course, for most instances of sexism in video games, developers usually have a smooth excuse for explaining away their troublesome portrayal of women. In the most recent addition of Super Smash Bros, this very problem crops up with what normally should have been one of the most positive influences of females in video games. Samus Aran, protagonist of the Metroid Prime series, was a revolutionist in the battle for women’s representation in video games. Players were shocked when the bounty hunter, beneath the heavy armor that concealed her identity in earlier games, was revealed to be female in the original release of the series. Since then she has appeared in many more Metroid Prime games, and has joined several other famous Nintendo characters as fighters in the brawl game Super Smash Bros. At first, she appeared in her full armor, but in the most recent game, she appears not only in her armor, but in her skin- tight Zero-suit as well. This outfit is supposed to be her under armor, which would be understandable by itself, but the designer also gave her a pair of 4 inch high heeled “rocket boots” along with the skin tight clothes. Obviously that didn’t go over without comment from some of the feminist gamers. To…

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  • Sexism In Videogames

    Anita Sarkeesian, feminist media critic, blogger, and public speaker, was once sent into hiding by a death threat because of her views on women in video games. She created videos called Tropes vs. Women. In her videos, she explains how women are portrayed in video games. She says in one of her videos that most damsel in distress based games follow the Subject-Object Dichotomy. Saying that the subject, or main character that is usually a male, must find the object, or the girl. A great example of…

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  • How Do Video Games Help Children?

    Video games help children excel in today 's world. Children are introduced to technology at a young age; whether that technology is a full sized computer or Leapfrog, a child has interacted with it. Leapfrog is a great introduction for adolescents, it teaches kids the bare necessities that are needed when they start school (basic math and English). Technology is always changing, there is always something new out to help children progress further. Playing video games is a great way to improve an…

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  • Personal Essay: The Father Of My Father

    would tell me after he was finished. My feet would dig into the old leather clad cushions as I kneaded the dough around. The sticky mixture clinging more and more to as my small hands. I would rub them together and watched the dough curl up and fall off. Dad would add more flour. This was a repeated cycle. While I played with the dough, dad would be peel the potatoes and add more flour when needed. By the time the dough was ready the potatoes were already in the pot boiling. Dad would give it…

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  • Double Exposure In Apocalypse Now

    In the opening sequence of the 1979 film, Apocalypse Now, the technique of double exposing film is used repeatedly. The origins of the technique date back to early photographers in the late 1800’s and the technique was translated into filmmaking very soon after the birth of cinema. The first use of the double exposure in film was in The Great Train Robbery, which was released in 1903, but the technique exploded in the 1920’s when cinema became a more well-known art form. The double exposure…

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  • Toy Story 3 Analysis

    Introduction: When Hollywood makes a movie that becomes and instant sensation, the studio often decides to continue the story in hopes that there is more cash to be milked out of it. This results in sequels of varying quality which may sour some opinions of the original film. Fortunately, this is not the case with Pixar’s beloved Toy Story franchise. Both sequels add a new spin on the story of toys who have a life of their own when humans cannot see them. In particular, Toy Story 3 deals with…

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  • Movie Industy Case Study

    The movie industy is a huge industy with three groups of players in the value chain. First, the production studios who create the content. Second, the movie exhibitors who provide a place for movie goers to watch the content. Third, the distributors who bring the content from the studios to the exhibitors. Being lower in the value chain, the movie exhibitors bear the risk of poor movie attendance, and incur high cost of renting the content from the studios. In this case study, the market…

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  • Importance Of Media Content Analysis In Mass Media

    Media content analysis was introduced as a systematic method to study mass media by Harold Lasswell (1927), initially to study propaganda. Media content analysis became increasingly popular as a research methodology during the 1920s and 1930s for investigating the rapidly expanding communication content of movies. In the 1950s, media content analysis proliferated as a research methodology in mass communication studies and social sciences with the arrival of television. Media content analysis has…

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  • Business Analysis Of The Walt Disney Company And DC Entertainment

    On the other hand, DC Entertainment is currently owned by Warner Brothers, which is a subsidiary to Time Warner. Time Warner is broken up into 3 main segments, which includes Turner, Home Box Office and Warner Bros. As of the 2015 - 2016 television season, Warner Brothers was ranked as the number 1 producer of primetime television series in the United States. The Warner Brothers segment consists primarily of the production, distribution, licensing of television series and feature films. In…

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  • Gilmore Girls Fan Culture Analysis

    Fan culture members often have collections of memorabilia, participate in fan conventions, participate in discussions about their feelings involving the particular thing they are a fan of, and sometimes even take terms from the shows they are a devoted fan of for use in their everyday lives. A fan culture differs greatly from the casual fan, and that definitely proves to be the case with the Warner Brother’s popular 2000’s television series Gilmore Girls. After further research of this fan…

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