Ownership Of American Football

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American Football is a unique product. While occasionally organizations have attempted to create actual competition in terms of identical sports, most have failed or been absorbed by the NFL giant. The NFL, like any other company, is in existence to create revenue. While there is no current competition to the NFL in terms of leagues, the NFL’s success is defined by viewership. Without viewership, advertising dollars will fall. A decrease in viewership will result in less revenue for the NFL. Virtually any television programming that is aired at the same time as the NFL can be considered a competitor. Anything that draws viewership from the NFL can be the cause of reduced revenue.
As an organization, the NFL is incredibly strong.
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Stadium tickets and sport-related memorabilia is a small portion of the revenue. Television viewership is the true revenue powerhouse of the NFL. Endorsements and advertising generate millions of dollars every year. This is an area that needs improvement. Traditionally, viewership has been strong. Recently, there has been a decrease in television viewership (Fitch, 2016). The NFL also relies on one customer, the football game viewer. If viewers elect to watch something else, it decreases revenue. The NFL needs to improve on making game more enjoyable for the fans. Increasing player safety while making games enjoyable to the viewers must be explored. Viewers love to be inspired by players that play through pain and overcome “the odds.” Viewers do not like seeing players lay on the field unconscious or seriously injured. A fine balance between this must be found. The game of football is simply that-a game. That means there are limited means of repackaging. With that, the NFL has fallen very short in producing new ideas to draw in more viewers. Some additions like Thursday night football have seen some success (Business Wire, 2014). International games and new uniforms are other ideas that have fallen flat with generating …show more content…
A mobile society that does not stay confined to the home is one reason. The idea of using one medium (television and radio) is antiquated. The internet continues to provide alternate viewing or consumption options for fans. While this is not the traditional means of consuming a football game, the alternate method detracts from the traditional revenue generating model. Another threat to the NFL is player conduct. Viewers want to be inspired by the play of athletes. Knowledge that players have social views that run contrary to individuals decreases the probability that they will tune into a game. Off-the-field incidents have had a negative impact on the way athletes are perceived by the public (Connor, 2014). Players who refuse to stand for the national anthem alienate a large portion of the viewership. Viewers want to partner with organizations that share their values and ethics. Players arrested for substance abuse or domestic violence do not inspire people. To the contrary, it gives viewers a reason to change the channel or simply not watch at

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