Global Effects Of The Super Bowl

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Global Effects The Super Bowl utter dominance within the U.S. fails to translate onto the international stage. It is behind a number of sports, such as soccer, rugby, even cricket. It’s American-centric base excludes the rest of the world, as other countries are much more focused on sports where their own people are competing. Even when referring to the sport, one must say “American Football”, rather than just football, as the rest of the world uses that term for soccer. However, NFL has concluded that the best way to increase the popularity of the Super Bowl is to proliferate the prevalence of the sport itself.

Currently, American Football has a small yet strong following in England, Australia, Canada, and Mexico, while positive strides
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The have smaller audiences, less media coverage, and less fanfare. Sponsors place lower values on them, and if given a straight shootout between the Super Bowl, and another final of a major American sport, advertisers would undoubtedly pick the former. When one extends the scope from just America to the world, that is where the impact of the Super Bowl starts to lose its lustre. It is not close to anything the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup has to offer. Even many soccer games from England’s Premier League achieve much larger audiences than the Super Bowl, and those games are regular league games, not finals. With that in mind, it is safe to assume that the impact of the Super Bowl is much more drastic domestically than it is …show more content…
It is what they have been working for all season. It is the ultimate achievement for the players, the highest honour for the team, and the trump card, when it comes to bragging rights, for fans. This is the game that separates the good from the great, it cements a player’s status as a legend or just another player. The pressure is unbearably high, with more than a hundred million people watching. The ability to perform under pressure becomes vital. Tom Brady, four time Super Bowl winner, and three time Super Bowl MVP, has reinforced his reputation of being one of the best players in NFL history. His latest win in Super Bowl XLIX has brought the number of accolades in the game equal to Joe Montana, the previous most successful player in NFL. Through repeatedly winning the most prestigious prize in Football, Brady has elevated his own standing within the

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