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  • Super Bowl 50: The Greatest Moment In Football History

    Super Bowl 50 was one of the greatest moment in football history. It was the Super Bowl that determined if it will be Payton Manning last game in the NFL or will it be Cam Newton first Super Bowl championship win. Both teams were doing well for the regular season but the majority of the people were going for the Panthers because of their almost undefeated season. The Super Bowl is where family members and friends get together to have a good time. The reason I chose this article because I am personally a fan of the Panthers and this was a big moment for me. My family and I were patiently waiting for the Super Bowl to come on as we waited for the Panthers to represent both North Carolina and South Carolina. As the game started we had high…

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  • Character Essay: Quiet Strength By Tony Dungy

    From reading the novel I have attained many valuable life lessons that I could carry with me for the rest of my life. The lessons I have been taught are overcoming adversity, striving for you goals, and what it takes to become a champion. The book Quiet Strength is about a coach that had to overcome many situations because of his race and size. Coach Dungy started his college football career playing for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers being a successful defensive end. He…

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  • Super Bowl Paragraph

    been to a super bowl party or seen the seen the super bowl? In this story I will tell the time when I was in a football championship game. Well it might not be the super bowl, but we worked hard like it was. Read my story to find out if we win, at night, on turf, at Dalzell Field. The whole season only one team went undefeated, the Colts. I played on the colts with a lot of my friends. My coach told us that the practice will be harder than games, and they were by a lot. We had to run up steep…

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  • Michael Kelly Case Study

    I had the opportunity to interview a man named Michael Kelly. Michael Kelly is the current Chief Operating Officer, or COO, of the College Football Playoff. His office is currently based in Irving, Texas, so this interview had to be done through the phone. Before this interview, I wasn 't sure what was more nerve racking; being interview or actually giving the interview. Because when you 're being interview, you don 't know what questions you’ll be asked. When it’s the other way around,…

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  • The Comeback Kid: A Legendary NFL

    controversy, what is undeniable is Brady’s remarkable skills at the quarterback position. To many these skills would include arm strength, accuracy, and athleticism. However, as a lifelong Patriots fan, I can confidently say The Comeback Kid’s abilities span far beyond these simple measurables. Tom Brady is a legendary NFL quarterback…

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  • Peyton Manning Research Paper

    Peyton Manning went to the Pro-Bowl 14 times, that is most by a quarterback (the pro bowl is a game when they pick players that do really good in the season who did not make it to the playoffs or did not go far in the playoffs to play one last game for the season). Eli Manning actually has been to Pro-Bowls too but he has been to only 4 times.“Peyton Manning, the league’s only five-time MVP...”(“About Peyton”).Even though he might have only been the Super Bowl MVP once he has been the league's…

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  • Suspension: The Importance Of Concussions In The NFL

    From my perspective, I think that most of the players in the NFL has have more than 2 concussions throughout the season due to heavy that they deliver or the type of hit that they have received during the regular season and the Playoffs which can lead them to miss a couple of games of the 2017-2018 season. According to the studies of Mitchel Berger, chairman of the department of Neurosurgery at the University of California at San Francisco and a member of the NFL's Head, Neck and Spine Committee…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Blobbery By Tucker

    when they have won or lost a game? I bet you would be upset when they lose a game. In the essay, “Blobbery,” Carli Tucker describes the intent of New Game Foundation, a group who wants to develop and promote non-competitive games where they are no losers or winners. It is because they think competition “encourages antagonism,” “traumatizes losers,” and “frequently creates ill feeling between losers and winners.” However, Tucker argues that people “play competitive games to validate their sense…

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  • Analysis Of God Made A Farmer

    God Made a Farmer It may not have been as dramatic as the stadium blackout that stopped play for more than a half-hour, or as exciting as the game, but for many viewers of Super Bowl XLVII, one of the standout moments was a deceptively simple ad for the Dodge Ram called "God Made a Farmer." This ad has a total run time just above two minutes which showed beautiful pictures from ten well established photographers. The photography was tough to beat, but the ads true power is dedicated to the…

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  • Football's Greatest Quarterback

    Brady or Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. I am your host Simon Webber! Tom was born in San Mateo, California, it caused him to idolize another famous quarterback Joe Montana.Tom now lives in Massachusetts with most of his team. Tom living in Mass. brings him closer to his fan base and teammates. Tom plays for the exceptional football team the New England Patriots. He has been recognized for many exceptional awards in football, and almost all of them are told in Tom Brady: The Inspiring Story of…

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