Marketing Strategy Of Doritos, Big Market, Bold Chip

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Doritos, big market, bold chip
Caleb Fisher
Prince Georges Community College

This paper discusses the marketing strategies of a Frito- lay owned company, Doritos and how it has dominated the chip industry. It will cover all facets and techniques used by the company to communicate effectively to its market. Doritos, big Market, Bold Chip In today’s society marketing has become a most essential part of a business. More and more the consumer is captivated by the fancy packaging, and social media platforms. This makes it a challenge for companies to produce products that differ from their competitors. But, Doritos Chip Company has learned a most innovative way to include both of these into successful marketing strategies.
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It targets this generation with bold and innovative flavors and packaging. This generation was targeted because of it of the risks they will take for new products as well as their knowledge and use of technology. They are less loyal too brands previously tried and are always looking for the next product or service to try. The juvenile of this generation has as much or even more say about the products that are purchased in each household as well, so companies have tried use this information to market themselves; but Doritos are the ones doing it in the most effective way. Technology platforms are where companies are marketing themselves more than ever. Weather on social media, television or while browsing on the internet you will see marketers doing what they do best, which is market. Doritos has taken advantage of this platform. They use these technologies to their advantage by exploiting their value to the consumer, which is a bold chip, with innovative flavors at an affordable price. Doritos use differentiated targeting marketing strategies as well. This form of targeting is more costly but it helps Doritos significantly. They reach the consumer with the use of this strategy mainly through television commercials and some social media. Doritos know that they have marketing mixes that appeal to different demographic segments, so they try to extend their market to other demographic through the use of different promotions (Americas …show more content…
So they attract this market by placing ads wherever they may be. For example sporting events, you see companies like Doritos place ads on different contestant uniforms, even though that person wearing the uniform may not even eat the product, but the person watching that particular event is watching and while watching is want to indulge in a pack of Doritos. Even in grocery store, Target is offering a free bag of chips with the purchase of a game, Call of Duty ( Dan Seitz, 2014). It urges the consumer to but the game just so they can receive the free bag of Doritos. Microsoft partnered up with Doritos and released a Doritos promo pack because both of these companies have the same ideal demographic it was only right to partner up and further expand their market.
More recently its company is now targeting young kids through the toys and movies of marvel characters, on the packaging saying things like enter for a chance to win different marvel characters. When partnering with a famous brand like Marvel it allows their products to be sold in to more target markets. When a popular movie, video game, and sporting event are being released Doritos is there in some way promoting their product in some way, offering everything from special discounts to prize

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