Case Study: Precision Landscaping And Excavation In Thurston County

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Location – Precision Landscaping and Excavation’s main target location will be in the Thurston County region, however, the business should not limit the possibilities for expansion into Mason County. Statistics from the Census shows 64.9% owner occupied homes from 2010-2014 with the median home costing $241,300 in Thurston County. There were 5,923 businesses located in this region. Residential building permits in a privately owned location are 446 in the Olympia region. Thurston County shows 32.9% of the population holding a Bachelor’s Degree and the median income for the area at $62,286.
Generation target markets for the business are Baby Boomers (ages 51-69), Generation X (ages 35-50) and Millennium (ages 18-34). Emphasis
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Majority of work takes place in the Thurston County region that consumes 721.96 square miles according to the Census geography in 2010, which computes to a population of 349.4 four per square mile. The boundary could be described as following the I-5 corridor from Nisqually Valley to South end of Tumwater city limits. Branching off the I-5 corridor and intersecting with Highway 101 at Steamboat Island area. Suppliers for the business are scattered throughout the region with some outliers like rock quarries a good distance away.
Mason County is 959.42 square miles according to census geography in 2010 that calculates to a population of 63.3 per square mile. Highway 101 travels through the middle of the county starting at approximately after Steamboat Island extending to Hood Canal, branching out Highway 3 towards Belfair. Suppliers for Mason County appear to be concentrated on Johns Prairie Road with a Rock Quarry downtown and south on highway 101 before hitting Thurston County again. However, major plant wholesalers are located in the South Bay area of
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Research shows 42% of Baby boomers age’s 47-56 use social networking sites, while older boomers 57-65 show usage at 38% (Rainie). Boomers need a site to be full of relevant information, easy to use and prefers text over images. Blogs also are proven to be effective among boomers (Williams). Gen X grew up during in the internet boom with 89% of this generation to be users with 63% of them using networking sites (Rainie). While research shows Millennials are 93% of the internet users getting almost all their information from the internet (Rainie). Pew Research also indicates that throughout all the generations 81% of internet activities are used to research products and 70% are to buy goods. Out of millennials 78% use social media. Social media makes you more transparent which appeals across the generations. Increasing the web presence for Precision Landscaping would be attractive to all the generations with strategically providing information the generations will find resourceful, appealing and easy to navigate. Providing them a source to learn about the company prior to calling for bid or after for feedback, and sharing

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