Shark Week Psychology Essay

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Psychology is used in everyday life and can be seen especially in advertising. Many advertisers use hidden symbols to manipulate consumers into buying or watching products they neither want nor need. According to Charles I. Brooks, author of How Psychology Applies to Everyday Life, “advertising executives try to convey a product message to viewers.” Shark week advertisement in PEOPLE Magazine is a great example of how this magazine uses psychology to capture the audience 's attention.
Let’s take a look at how this magazine is effective by analyzing the image and text, the context of the advertisement, and the metaphoric context behind the title. In this advertisement the image depicts a person with their hand over his/her face revealing an eye. In his/her eye you can see a shark’s fin. The only bright color seen in this advertisement is ocean blue and red. This is seen in the red that’s seen in the title, which is striking against the gray background. The ocean blue automatically draws you to the eye, which pops out
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As you first look at the image the color is like that of an old horror movie, which is metaphoric for terror. The shark seen in his/her eye shows what they are about to encounter in what seems like their final moments; which is metaphoric for doom. The text in "Shark Week" is effective because the big bold black words promote terror. The word terror or death is associated with the Shark 's fin in the letter A, which is right under his/her eye in bold dark print. The title up above "any closer, you 'd be bait" confirms the danger that this person is about to encounter. The slant in the title “any closer, you’d be bait” can also be seen as a type of metaphor for things going downhill for the individual who encounters this beast. The red in this advertisement can also be metaphoric for blood which is always associated with sharks when seen in scary

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