Example Of Rhetorical Analysis In Advertising

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Creating Our Own Monsters
Using aesthetically appealing vehicles, Dodge creates this advertisement to attract a younger and arguably more reckless crowd to the all new Dodge Hellcat. The commercial begins by playing the unmistakable opening beat to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”. The camera pans to a metropolis skyline fully lit up in the darkest of the night, but to be seemingly abandoned. You are shown empty interstates, parking garages, shipyards, and gravel roads, that continue endlessly. The instrumental begins to diminish; the screen fades to black as you hear a gravely male voice comment that “We don’t have to fear monsters anymore, unlike our ancestors”. The dark screen is suddenly interrupted by the faint sight of a red Dodge Challenger
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With the collection of loud exhaust notes, squealing tires, high rates of speed and a heavy bass soundtrack, it’s hard to miss who this advertisement is appealing too. That being said, there aren’t many commercials that can rile up a gang of speed hungry young men faster than this one can. Dodge also strategically placed the four-door Charger Hellcat in this short film to show you can still have just as much fun in the four-door sedan as you can in a coupe. Not everyone is in a position to have a two-door two seat sports car, therefore they try and convince you that it is the same experience for either car, regardless of which you choose. Car manufacturers do this in order to try and attract car enthusiasts that still need a car to pick up the kids from school and bring the family to get …show more content…
This commercial was only aired on TV channels like Spike TV, Velocity, and ESPN, which has an overwhelming number of men watching these stations. These are the same channels that have a majority of their advertisements about beer, razor blades and cars. This was no accident, as Dodge knew exactly who they were planning to cater to. Dodge isn’t going to try and advertise on networks such as E! News, Food Network and Lifetime, where they will not be able to reach their target audience. The primary purpose of this Dodge advertisement is to excite young male car enthusiasts. This commercial is very well put together; leaving the consumer electrified, wanting to reevaluate their current car decision. Dodge has truly outdone themselves, and has created the perfect advertisement for their

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