Nellie Mcclung's Role In Canadian History

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1910’s Nellie McClung
Before Nellie McClung, born October 20th 1873 was a activist she was a suffragist, reformer, legislator, author. She received her teaching certificate at 16 years old. She had her teaching career until she was married to her husband in 1896 Robert Wesley McClung. She was an effective speaker who won the audiences with humor. She was also a part of the “famous five” in 1927 that contained Emily Murphy, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise Crummy McKinney and Irene Parlby. The same five activists had started a petition for the supreme court to have women declared as “qualified persons”. Nellie McClung is very important to Canadian history because she fought for women to have more rights.

1920’s William Lyon Mackenzie King
He was originally a journalist and politician. He was the first mayor of Toronto and led the Upper Canada Rebellion. William Was Canada’s prime minister three times. William was the prime minister from 1921 to 1926 and 1926 to 1930 and 1935 to1948. He wanted to fix the relationship between government and the farmers. William did not acknowledge what the great depression would do to Canada. He was very good at being the leader of the opposition. During the Second World War paid more attention to international affairs. He was so significant
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The main reason this event earned the name is by a series of events centred around the kidnapping of two government officials by the Quebec separatist group the Front de libération du Québec. It was very convenient to name it the October Crisis because this took place in October. The October Crisis started by the kidnapping of James Cross the British trade in October 1970.This event was one of the most important events in history because it has sculpted the country we are today. This is true because everyone would never except that a terrorist attack would have happened in a place like Canada with all peace

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