In Cold Blood Was Banned Essay

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In Cold Blood: Reasons why it was banned
In Cold Blood, a known book all around for its creativity and masterpiece of reportage. In which the reason it’s said that In Cold Blood is a masterpiece of reportage is because this book was actually based on a true story were the Clutter family was murdered because Smith and Dick both wanted money however they didn’t find any so they decided to kill the family in cold blood.
Truman Streckfus Persons was his name at first when his mother was still happily married to his father Arch Persons. Truman was born on September 30 in the year 1924 in New
Orleans, Louisiana and died August 25 in the year 1925 in Los Angeles, California where he lived 60 disheartened and blissful years. After his parents’ divorce
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Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a very successful story and because of this he got more fame and eventually this let him to writing In Cold Blood. After he graduated from high school he started to work at The New Yorker, he also made important phone calls in which later got him the job to work as a frequent guest on television talk shows. Later on he wrote his first story “Other voices, Other rooms”, and because that same year that he was looking for his father, the people that read his story thought that the story was an autobiography. The characters in his book were often emotionally isolated or confused about their sexuality, in

Flores 2 addition the author was also confused about his sexuality just like his characters, and at the end he turned out gay. One of the many quotes that Truman Capote said was, “It’s a scientific fact…for every year a person lives in Hollywood, they lose two points of their IQ”, which is very amusing because he lived in Hollywood so in other words he was speaking about
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Truman later died in the year 1925 and left behind the greatest non-fiction story ever. In total the book has eight themes that are found as the story develops. The first theme that is found is the vision of rural America since the only reason that Truman went to Kansas was to write about the small, rural towns found there. But when he got there the murders of the
Clutter family were found and this inspired him to write “In Cold Blood”. The second theme found in the book is religion, which in the town of Holcomb the people all went to church since they feared God besides they didn’t want to disrespect him. The third theme that is seen in the book is men and masculinity being that in that time period, that the Clutters were murdered, men were seen as the head of the house and in order to be the alpha of your family and protect your family you would have to have masculinity. The fourth theme in the book is women and femininity being that even though it was the 1950’s women had freedom to pursue their careers in contrast they also had to stay at home and take care of the kids, which many couldn’t

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