Challenger's Challenger Exploration

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The ocean is massive. Takes up 75% of the world and we have only explored 5% of the ocean. We also use the ocean for many resources like food and transportation. We also use the ocean to mine and get oil from. The ocean is our main source of recourses helping us human population thrive.

Challenger expedition Challenger expedition of 1872 to 76 made multiple discoveries. Discoveries that laid out the foundation of oceanography. This expedition was made specifically to gather data on a wide range of ocean features. They included ocean temperatures sea water chemistry, currents, marine life, also the geology of the sea floor. The expedition was led by John Murray and Charles Wyville Thompson.

Human use of the ocean floor
The ocean is
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Nearly phytoplankton are all are able to float they all float in the upper part of the ocean where the sunlight hit the water. Phytoplankton provide food for a lot of sea creatures like wills, shrimp, snails and jellyfish. When phytoplankton get too much nutrients they might grow out of control and form harmful algal blooms. These balloons produce toxins this may have harmful effects on sea animals.

Plankton is composed of phytoplankton and zooplankton which are on usually tiny animals found near the top in aquatic environments. Like phytoplankton , Zooplanktons are weak summers and often just sway along with the currents. The huge category of zooplankton crustaceans both the larval of larger animals. The small zooplanktons are single celled protozoans aka microzooplankton which eat the smallest phytoplankton. Jellyfish are classified as a type a zooplankton that both drift in the ocean have some swimming ability. A lot of jellyfish live in every part of the ocean and belong to the same animal
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Alexander the great ventured below the sea in the glass barrel around the 333.B.C. The next account of submarines came more than 1900 years later, in 1578 A.D. British officer William Bourne told of a wooden frame vassal closed and waterproof. In 1904 the French built the first submarine to use a gas engine and have a electric engine below. Then the United States soon fall after them. These submarines were even used in World War II as U-boat
GPS has change the world and how it operates. This is true for marine operations search and rescue. It is important in marine GPS for the ship's captain to know the vessel position of the sea. Mariners oceanographers are always using GPS data for underwater projects. while at sea position, speed and heading are needed to make sure the vessel reaches its destination.
Research Ship
A research Vessel is a ship or boat used to research the sea. James Cook travel to the Pacific ocean to observe record the transit of venus. The Endeavour was a boat for study well designed. The research boats how research the physical chemical and biological characteristics of water. They also go to the depths of the sea to see what is beyond the surface.

The ocean is huge.The human race has been curious about it for many years. Humans have gone on

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