Analysis Of Silent Spring

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In the book, Silent Springs Ms. Rachel Carson began a new movement. Rachel Carson brought to light the many dangers pesticides such as DDT have on the environment, animals, and humans. This environmental movement offered new insight about the harm pesticides have on all living organisms. In Silent Spring Rachel Carson starts an environmental movement by informing the public of the dangers of pesticides, which causes a shift in views towards pesticides and the harm they do to the environment. Rachel Carson faced many challenges and negative attention from the chemical industry. She faced a lot of controversy but never backed down despite it all; she stood her ground and persevered until the use of DDT pesticide was banned. Through
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Meeks; an example of the accumulation of DDT were observed from a helicopter ride over a 4-acre Marsh along the Southwest edge of Lake Erie. A DDT treatment was conducted 3.9 millicuries of chlorine-36 ring labeled DDT at a rate of 0.2 technical DDT per acre (Meeks, 1968). Although the water only contained .02 parts of DDT, the visual residue was considerable noticeable fifteen months later. There was a significant amount of residue found on other organisms like pond weeds, crayfish, and tadpole’s months following treatment. Due to cases and findings such as this and the bird killing in Cape Cod Massachusetts also due to DDT spraying, Rachel Carson began to research the effects DDT has on the environment. Critical findings opened the door for the book called “Silent Springs”.
American Marine Biologist, Rachel Carson was opposed to the use of DDT insecticide. She investigated the use of DDT and other pesticides, the more she delved the angrier she became with chemical companies and the misuse of DDT. She turned her anger into writing and Silent Springs was in the works. As an animal lover and defender of prolife, she knew she had to fight for what she believed in. She would not sit back and let the environment continue to be destroyed by the chemical
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Kennedy instructed the Science Committee to consider the controversial pesticide problem, he requested them to begin researching the claims of the harmful effects DDT has on humans, animals, and the environment. The committee found there were benefits of pesticide use, however, the committee also acknowledged the scientific findings of Rachel Carson to be true. Excessive use of this pesticides was indeed detrimental to the environment. In May of 1963, Rachel finally received the much-needed backing of the United States Government and a revolutionary environmental movement was in the works. Silent Spring launched the 1967 (EDF) Environmental Defense Fund which prohibited further use of DDT in the United

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