Ladonna Case Study

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LaDonna reported that her father remarried a nice women named Judy, her father and Judy do not have any children together.
Foster Parent Two: Jerry states his biological father Terrell Hodges divorces his mother when he was 7 years old. He states his mother remarried a gentleman named Bob York and Jerry states he was glad to have Bob has a stepfather. He states he had a close relationship with both his parents that raised him.
Document quality of relationships foster parents currently have with their parents:
Foster Parent One: LaDonna reports her mother passed away almost 10 years ago and her father did remarried a women named Judy. She states she speaks with him monthly and meets in Longview/ Tyler area for every three to four months for dinner.
Foster Parent
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Foster Parent One: LaDonna has two younger brothers named Sam and Jim. She reports when she was in 6th grade her mother became ill and LaDonna took on a motherly type role with her brothers. She reports she had a close relationship with both of her brothers.
Foster Parent Two: Jerry is the youngest of three siblings named Terry, Becky and Thomas. He reports he had a lot of fun with his siblings growing up.
What is the foster parent’s relationship currently like with their siblings?
Foster Parent One: Ladonna states she feels closer to her youngest brother as she feels they are more alike. She states all the siblings get together every three months to visit at a restaurant. Both brothers are married and have children of their own and live in the Longview/Tyler area.
Foster Parent Two: He reports he has lost his oldest brother in their adult years in an automobile accident. He continues to keep in touch with his other brothers via phone and visits in Marshall, TX. Jerry speaks to his sister once a year around the holidays, she lives close to Marshall as well. Terry has to step-children and Becky has three

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