Lord's Resistance Army

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  • Child Soldiers In Uganda

    come back home as heroes. That has always been their duty to protect and served their country. In this new era, wars are being fought by children. Their innocent lives are dragged and forced to fight in wars. Right at this second as we are having a normal life, there are children fighting a war that we are not aware about. This is the case in Africa, Uganda. For decades the uprising of rebel groups have led to wars in some parts of Uganda. The use of child soldiers has increased in the region. Rebel groups stormed into villages, destroying, killing, raping, and abducting children to fill up their ranks. They brainwashed the children and covert them into war machines. The Lord 's Resistance Army (LRA) are the…

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  • Self Interest In International Courts And Tribunals Case Study

    Security Council – the United States and France for example- supported the rebels. For instance, it was reported that the rebels, which the United States supplied with military assistance an weaponry was targeting black and dark-skinned Libyans, who under Gaddafi’s regime were favored in his ”pro-African Union policies” (Hoff). By supporting the rebels they were able to overthrow Muammar Al-Gaddafi, a leader who the United States and other states would benefit from the dismantling of Gaddafi’s…

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  • Injustice In Martin Luther King

    Invisible Children Inc. has defied these very separations simply with a 30-minute video. Similarly to Dr. King, on March 4th the humanitarianism group known as Invisible children Inc., decided to take a stand against injustices through the creation of the video KONY 2012. With it’s evocative message, within these 30 minutes they showcased the various testimonies of those affected by the monstrosities of Joseph Kony, leader of the Ugandan based Christian cult know as The Lord’s Resistance Army.…

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  • What Part Did Charles Taylor Have With Pearls Analysis

    second-most unmistakable people center in the Grand Anse office. Credit Meridith Kohut for The New York Times Mr. Philippe 's animosity toward the present break government is striking. Credit Meridith Kohut for The New York Times Today, he is the unmistakable power in the town, and more altogether Grand Anse, where occupants race from their homes to welcome him and call him "Delegate" or "Officer." Mr.Philippe, whose face is a great part of the time figured in a smile, tends to change most…

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  • Similarities Between Hunger Games And Child Soldiers

    Hunger Games and Child Soldiers: The Sad Truth The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins,(Collins) and Child Soldiers are intertwined together because they are both children fighting for their lives. The children are alike because they got executed into being prisoners, that fight to their deaths and kill savagely. The children live similarly because they both have organizations or sponsors helping them get out of their situation. Lastly, the children experience the same emotions because The Hunger…

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  • Approaches Of Ngos In Post Conflict Recovery

    4.2 EXAMINING THE LONG TERM RECOVERY APPROACHES OF NGOS IN POST CONFLICT AREA OF NORTHERN UGANDA A number of approaches have been suggested for post conflict recovery and they include but not limited to the following; Bottom up approach This is also known as indigenous empowerment. The idea behind it is to empower local populations who are at the bottom and mid-levels of society by allowing them to consolidate and develop necessary resources for the implementation of a peace process, which…

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  • Hunger And Slavery: An Essay On Child Soldiers

    YELLOW= BEFORE ORANGE= AFTER PINK=CITED QUOTE All around the world there are desperate children being abducted and brainwashed into child soldiers. Children as young as 5 are taken, given a gun and told to kill others or die. If these kids do get rescued by peacekeepers they go into rehabilitation. Child soldiers deserve amnesty because they were just desperate children who were abducted and brainwashed into killing. Around the world innocent children 5-18 are being terribly captured.…

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  • The Roles Of Child Soldiers

    soldiers include Burundi, Colombia, Liberia and Uganda. Of these countries, among others 30% of all armed terrorist groups are female and 40% of all child soldiers globally are female. Government armed forces do not include child soldiers, it is the militias (the U.S. troops have to use as allies against the governments). (Kaplan). Instead of being considered a new warfare technique, it is rather just being noticed as unfair or inhumane. The most difficult part of this type of soldier is that it…

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  • The Importance Of Divine Healing

    Not In a Corner I Divine Healing always is always a controversial topic in both Christian and secular circles. It was commanded as an essential ministry by Jesus and was intimately tied to the proclaiming of the Gospel. It has been faithfully sought after in prayer by the Christian Church through the ages to the present. “Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord, and the prayer offered in faith will make…

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  • Evangelism In Future Ministry Essay

    Evangelism in Future Ministry The future of my ministry revolves around pastoring a local congregation. With that said, evangelism and multiplication must and will be an integral part of my ministry. I, first of all, must model effective evangelism. Secondly, I must create an evangelistic culture within the church so that every disciple of Christ is engaged in evangelistic efforts. My first efforts will be to continue growth in my own personal life. The principles that were taught in this…

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