Lord's Resistance Army

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  • Lord's Resistance Army

    Aliases Originally known as the United Holy Salvation Army and Uganda Christian Army/Movement, the organization morphed into The Lord’s Resistance Army. The Lord`s Resistance Army was also known as The Lord`s Resistance Movement. There are no other aliases that many other names or aliases. Ideology The LRA was built by Joseph Kony; he believed that he was a prophet sent from God to cleanse the Ugandan people to create a bastion of peace. His ideology has been classified as Christian because the army claimed to be fighting for the Ten Commandments. Kony believed that the cross that he wore would protect him from bullets and that he had mystical powers. He prayed very regularly, and was seen as a savior, spiritual leader too many of his followers.…

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  • The Lord's Resistance Army

    Imagine a family walking through a field in Central Africa when suddenly attacked by armed soldiers. The soldiers force the children to kill their parents during their abduction. This is a frequent occurrence in Africa where the Lord’s Resistance Army is lurking. Child abductions are a huge problem in Central Africa because after being abducted girls are often forced to marry commanders and there are few reception centers available for care after being saved. The Lord’s Resistance Army is still…

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  • Lord's Resistance Army Essay

    Three decades of horror were lived by most of the African countries due to a violent group that goes by the name of lord’s resistance army from Uganda. What differentiate this group from the other terrorist groups is their ideology and their religion. The lord’s resistance army started in 1983 with a different name called the holy spirit movement. The holy spirit movement was defeated and its leader sent to exile. But that didn’t stop a man called joseph Kony to claim the leadership of the…

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  • Lord's Resistance Army Research Paper

    Getting to Know the Lord's Resistance Army For more than 25 years, an army of mostly child soldiers led by a man named Joseph Kony have been massacring and kidnapping civilians throughout Uganda. This conflict has since spread into other regions such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and areas of southern Sudan. Despite several attempts at meetings in addition to arrest warrants from the International Criminal Court against Kony and his troops, this war still rages on as one of the…

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  • Child Soldiers In Uganda

    Unfortunately they achieve that and they sought vengeance against the ethnic groups. They killed, looted villages and burned them as well. These acts of violence led to the formations of many rebel groups from the previous Uganda amy. Many of the groups made peace treaties with Yoweri Museveni. “the southern-dominated army did not stop attacking civilians in the north of the country. Therefore, by late 1987 to early 1988 a civilian resistance movement led by Alice Lakwena was formed.”…

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  • Kony 2012 Film Analysis

    The Invisible Children foundation was established in 2004 by two filmmakers; Jason Russel and Bobby Bailey. In 2003, the two men journeyed to Uganda with the intentions of exposing a story to the world. The story that would ultimately become the most spoken of subjects in America in addition to the world. Russel and Bailey started the Kony 2012 Movement after being introduced to the vial tragedies in Uganda. A group called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) led by Joseph Kony, abducted children…

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  • Self Interest In International Tribunals

    Security Council – the United States and France for example- supported the rebels. For instance, it was reported that the rebels, which the United States supplied with military assistance an weaponry was targeting black and dark-skinned Libyans, who under Gaddafi’s regime were favored in his ”pro-African Union policies” (Hoff). By supporting the rebels they were able to overthrow Muammar Al-Gaddafi, a leader who the United States and other states would benefit from the dismantling of Gaddafi’s…

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  • A Modest Attemposal And Lawrence Buell's The Environmental O

    The British occupied Uganda for decades, but they eventually could not control their colonies and left. The quick evacuation of British left a major power vacuum in Uganda (Davidson 206-07). Uganda faced serious internal strife as a series of dictators tried to fight for control of the country and religious and secular movements rose up to fight the government (Behrend 1). One of those movements was the Holy Spirit Movement, which facilitated the organization of the Holy Spirit Mobile Forces…

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  • Child Soldiers Amnesty

    You look out your window and see a small child running with a rifle larger than them. You see them put the scope up to their eye and doesn't hesitate to put their finger on the trigger and pull. You see a soldier fall down and the child scurry away. Child soldiers are one of the major society our world has today. These child soldiers should receive amnesty, because they were threatened,drugged, and deserve justice. One reason why these children should receive amnesty is because they were…

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  • Boko Haram And The Lord's Resistance Army Terrorizing People In Africa

    have been displaced” (Blanchard 147). The LRA is similar, but also has some differences. The Lord’s Resistance Army is a rebel group fighting the Ugandan government (Otto 1). Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, has been kidnapping children and…

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