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  • Telephone History A Story Without End: Video Analysis

    IND317 Blog #1 Fei Teng Jan. 21, 2016 After watching these five YouTube Videos relates to this chapter, there are three things stood out for me. First of all, in the video, “Telephone History ‘A Story Without End’ 1950 AT&T ”, the project, which is the workers underlaid the ground with a cable was really impressive me. It is a great project because this underground cable let people have a chance to communicate with others through a telephone at that time. Except it, this project is really hard to complete because the underground cable throughout very long, which is from the Denver to the San Francisco. Indeed, as these underground lines, people could communicate with others from a long distance even though the “long distance call” has to…

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  • I Had A Nice Time With You Tonight By Jenna Wortham Analysis

    the app’’. As social apps’ appearance, it helps us solve several problems about long-distance communication, and we don’t need to be afraid the relationship with others that influenced because of long distance. With the newest technology, distance is now a thing in the past thanks to the modern days’ devices and apps that allows us to stay in touch with important people in our lives. In the essay…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Long Distance Relationships

    People who decide to join the long distance relationship is normally determined and self-confident. In the very beginning, when these young couples make the decision of bearing the physical distance in order to get a better education or better job, they have to be determined. They have to be confident about both their relationship and themselves. In addition, people in long distance relationship are most likely to be tolerant and organized. Physical distance can be very hard because people can…

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  • Long Distance Relationship Work Essay

    How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work Before we kick-off our topic - How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work – here is an important word from the sponsors. Romance Advisor does not fancy long distance relationships. If you 're about to dive heart first into a long distance relationship (LDR), the odds aren 't with you. If you 're already involved in one, do you feel the benefits outweigh the risks? There are two types of LDRs the Whirlwinds and the Exclusives. 1) Whirlwinds…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Spring Break

    backpacks by North Face (known for their outstanding hiking gear and equipment), and I also carried a small strap around bag for more everyday needs like money and my cell phone. In the main backpack I carried a first aid kit in case of a skinned knee from a tough fall or a splinter from tree climbing. I also carried along bug spray for obvious reasons, a whole pack of granola bars, two extra water bottles, a blanket and pop up hammock to strap up anywhere as long as trees were around. The…

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  • Billy Goat Trail Analysis

    summary of each of the three parts of the Billy Goat Trail. The second part talks about Bear Island which is a small area near the Billy Goat Trail that is preserved by the National Park Service. The third part of the explanation is Safety recommendations these recommendations are what you should do when you are going on the Billy Goat Trail. The fourth part of the explanation is a set of regulations that are enforced by the National Park Service in order to keep the trail and surrounding land…

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  • Squamus Chief Descriptive

    As we roamed around, three young men approached. They were also in search of the route to the third peak and were feeling exactly as we were. There must be another way down! Checking maps, and searching for the trail together, we managed to find markers leading to the third peak and enjoyed a breathtaking view upon arrival. Not wanting to revisit the ladder and chains we made the decision to return via the Slhanay trail. Although not as popular, the Slhanay trail is wonderful and one we…

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  • Personal Narrative: Castle Rock At Big Bear Lake

    It was a sunny Sunday morning, great day to go on a hike said Leo as he opened the window for some fresh air. He decides to invite a couple of his friends to a hiking trail named Castle Rock near Big Bear Lake. So he decided to call Rigo, Alex and Melissa, some old friends from Jr high, they all agreed to take part in the hike since it was a perfect day to be out. They planned out their entire day throughout a 15 minute phone call. Right after the call ended they began to gather their…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Long Walk On The Trail

    Footsteps or trails? Neither. Have you ever walked through a trail for the first time and felt the soft caressing breeze? Have you ever appreciated its surroundings, the soft round pebbles, dust, fallen leaves and branches - some dried and others fresh? Have you ever appreciated the old wrinkled trees bordering it and the ridged ground which marks those who walked down that trail before? Well, I have and still do. Ten years ago, on my way back home after running some errands, I walked through…

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  • The Santa Cruz Narrative

    Lost in the Santa Cruz Mountains - Fictional Narrative “Ahh. The beach. So relaxing,” Iris Baker sighed. She and her friends Brynn Drew and April Hastings had gone to Santa Cruz, California for a vacation. They were at the boardwalk, and since the rides were closed, chilling out at the beach was the best option. Brynn was swimming, and April was trying to splash Iris, who was sitting near the beach. After a long day of playing and getting soaked in the salty and playful water, the three headed…

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