Textual Analysis Of Inception

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Inception director Christopher Nolan created a psychological sci-fi action film about a thief Dom Cobb who has the ability to enter into the dreams of others thereby learning their secrets. When given a proposition by Japanese businessman Mr. Saito Cobb cannot resist he assembles a team together, the plan to plant an idea in Mr. Saito’s opposition Robert Fischer Sr mind by creating dreams with dreams so in the end Robert Fischer Sr would think he came up with the idea himself. However the plan is a lot more difficult and complex.
This scene is centred on the character Arthur, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is in another layer of the dream world and in the process manages to get into a fight with security guards in the hotel hallway. During
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I feel that I order to capture and grasp the idea that the two men are challenging gravity while figthing most of the shot (1:58 – 2:12) have to be long in order to emphasis how the background and charcters are spinning and the effects are, for example from 1:12 to 1;14 you can see the long shot of the two men fighting but the thing that seems to be quite insignificant is the gun that dropped also react to the shift in gravity and sticks to the ceiling, the attention to detain from Nolan in this shot make me as a viewer amazed that something so small could make the scene look even more realistic than it already is.
There are two shots used in the fight scene (see figure 13) this technique is used a lot as you are able to see both characters full bodys and how they are reacting to one anothers pucnhes, kicks etc.
Going back to the real world we are shown more medium close ups, the close ups are quite contrasting emotions, as we see Yusuf’s (see sigure 14) terrified face as he is about to crash compared to Arthur’s (se figure 15) calm and collective expressions, as he is still oblivious as to what is going
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Slow motion is used at various points in the sequences for example 1:31 – 1:36 (or see figure 18 & 19) not only does it empahsis the dramaitic moment of the car swering it also acts like the cause as to why the gravity is shifting in the dream world, this helps the audience visually understand why the hallway is defying gravity instead of giving a worded explanation as there is not anywhere to explain why.

The slow motion effect is also used to make a a fast action more visible to the audience for example when the car was flipping upside down due to the crash, if the time was not manipulated we wouldn’t be able to see that properly and the facial expersions made (see figure

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