Long-term care

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  • Long Term Care: A Case Study

    the problem/issue Long Term Care (LTC) “is a range of services” one may need to support their personal care needs. LTC helps individuals with some of the most basic Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) like eating, bathing, and dressing. LTC also helps support Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) including: housework, medication management, cleaning, and grocery shopping (“What is Long Term Care?”). LTC services in the United States help meet the needs of older adults with functional limitations and other healthcare needs. LTC services is highly regulated by the government and accounts for a significant component of the health care spending in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),…

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  • Ethical Issues In Long Term Care

    such as meals, bed time, entertainment, and visitors. Long term care facility should make sure that the living environment of the residents is pleasant and homelike. The facility should create more opportunities to do their own things like for example a choice in how they live as possible (Pratt, 2015, p. 110). End-of-Life Issues It is very common in nursing facility to deal with death of their residents. The fact is that most of the residents in the long-term care facilities will live their…

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  • Long Term Care Model

    Long term care involves treatment held by nurses, practitioners, dietitian service workers to support eating habits and needs. The physicians of a specialty and or counselors are also working in this model. Some therapists are also assigned to support the elderly in life progression and decision making. These people hold vital roles in helping people cope with life and receiving the continuing care of a person whom cannot no longer care for him/herself at a personal base or in a crisis or having…

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  • Long Term Care Insurance Case Study

    Subject: Long Term Care Insurance Mr Kohler, I am writing to inform you about a new insurance product which I learnt about at the conference I attended last week, as a representative from our firm. The insurance product is actually very innovative and I was amazed at how useful this product would be for our firm as it could enable us to attract a great number of customers. The product is called ‘Long Term Care Insurance’ and as the name suggests, this insurance product protects a person’s…

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  • Benefits Of Long Term Care

    In this weeks discussion, we discuss the benefits of long-term care; how it differs from that of needs for the elderly, veterans, children, and what role does rehabilitation play for those in need of long-term care. Long term care is not just for the elderly. Veterans returning from combat missions are often in need of long-term care. In some instances veterans are often exposed to chemicals and other warfare that may cause terminal illness and injuries that require the veteran have the…

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  • Long Term Care Essay

    Long Term Care: The Need for Change. Long term care (LTC) has been classified as both medical and non-medical services developed to meet the needs of those who suffer from disabilities or chronic illnesses. Most often LTC services are only assumed to be provided in facilities associated with assisted living and nursing home disciplines. Long term care can be provided informally or formally with tasks that include "around- the-clock" care, including meals, housekeeping, and laundry…

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  • Essay On Long Term Care

    Long Term Care and End of Life Treatment When dealing with death or possibility of death people react differently especially family and friends. In certain cultures there are specific rituals that are performed as a right of passage to death. Culture is the instrument that engraves specific meaning upon perceiving illness suffering and dying. Long term care especially for those that are older like geriatrics often times can rove to be one of the greatest challenge in numerous families today.…

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  • Long Term Care Continuum

    hospitals are advanced and can deliver great services. Some of the key factors of the hospital and the healthcare systems include the acute and the long-term care. The acute care in most cases involves the provision of the outpatient services. The long-term care in the community includes the care for the terminally ill patients in the community (Williams & Torrens, 2008). The degree of success in the provision of the short term and the long term care depends highly…

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  • Long Term Care Administrators

    Long-Term Care Administrators Long-term care (LTC) industry is predicted to experience a significant growth because of the simultaneous aging of the baby boomers, and consequently, their need for long-term care. Thus, the jobs or duties of LTC administrators will become more demanding, and more stressful. There are, however, some traits and training that LTC administrators will need in order to succeed. LTC administrator’s job is not for the faint-hearted because the job entails a lot of hard…

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  • Long Term Care Facilities

    through Medicaid, this is funded by state and federal taxpayers. The term long term car means people with chronic illnesses, disabilities, and conditions that require daily assistance. The older you get, the better chance you are to be in a long term care facility, 70% of people over 65 can sooner or later be in a nursing home. The regulations state and federal are to protect the patients from neglect and abuse. Nursing homes are required in order to participate in Medicare and Medicaid to…

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