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  • Experimental Study Of Qualtrics

    There were 281 participants in this experimental study. Most of the participants were family or friends of students in a research methods class at Florida International University, and they were recruited through email, personal, or telephone request. One hundred ninety one participants were female (68%) and 90 were male (32%). They range from age 13 to 92 (M= 32.33, SD= 13.58). This included 63 Caucasian participants (22.4%), 56 African American participants (19.9%), 8 Asian participants (2.8%), 138 Hispanic participants (49.1%) and 16 participants with other ethnicity (5.7%). Material and Procedure Participants responded to an online survey through a server called Qualtrics. Participants were randomly chosen to be in one of the four conditions: outcome told and alternative explanation given, outcome told and alternative explanation not given, outcome not told and alternative explanation given, and outcome not told and alternative explanation not given. All participants were asked to read two study scenarios which involved a new gosling and a “virgin rat”. Participants were also asked to complete demographics questions (including gender, age, and ethnicity) and provided responses to questionnaires after reading each study scenario. Students in the research methods class of Florida International Universal carried out the study. After participants signed and read the informed consent form, they then were asked to read two study scenarios which involved a new gosling and a…

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  • John Adams Doctor Atomic Analysis

    creation of the atomic bomb. The opera’s libretto using original sources, features in their own words the described tensions among the scientists involved in making the bomb. The 3-and-a-half-hour production follows the father of the atomic bomb, theatrical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, as he wrestles with “the pull between scientific rectitude and mass murder” while overseeing the creation and testing of the first atomic bomb. The story builds up from the exposition and rises in suspense by…

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  • Giuseppe Verdi's Adaptation To Opera

    But why was this never achieved? According to Gary Schmigdal, who has translated a large portion of his letters to Somma and other collaborating artists, we may never know why exactly the Re Lear opera was never fully realised. Verdi did however seem to run into many complications: Somma died several years after the libretto was completed, and he was unable to find a suitable cast to which he could tailor the score. He was adamant in his vision not only for the voice types but for the portrayal…

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  • Tchaikovsky Themes

    68. Libretto by M.I. Tchaikovsky ( in collaboration with the composer) after A.S. Pushkin , compose January 19 to June 8 1890, ( commissioned by imperial theatres). First performed December 7, 1890 St. Petersburg, Mariinsky theatre, conducted by E.F. Napravnik, my 1 August 1891, Jurgenson. 2-Ballets 1876 Swan lake ballet in four acts, op.20. Libretto by B.V. Begichev l, and V.F.Geltser. Composed Aug 14 1875 to April 10 1876 , commissioned by Imperial theatres, first performed February 20…

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  • Symbolism In Opera

    Symbolism in Opera: The Elements of French Symbolism in the Opera Production of Debussy’s Pelléas et Mélisande Introduction Although a large number of research studies have been conducted on the relationship between Claude Debussy and French Symbolism, especially his opera Pelléas et Mélisande, whether his music could reflect Symbolism is still in a heated discussion. Some research has pointed out the relationship between the music and the libretto of the opera and Symbolism , ; while some…

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  • Love In Wolfgang Amadeu's The Dispute

    would replace Égle with Dorabella, Mesrin with Guglielmo, Azor with Ferrando, and Adine with Fiordiligi. After listening to her maid Despina, Dorabella willingly goes off with Gugluelmo. In the end, even after the big revelation, these two would remain together. Of course, this is immoral, because "man exists as a creature of nature, and nature itself is entirely amoral" (Till 248). These two forgive each other for pretending, but they realize that the love (or lust) they displayed for each…

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  • Anti-Semitism In Longobardi's The Death Of Klinghoffer

    She claims “although the first reviews said some extremely negative things about the horrible libretto and the frigid music, there were no complaints about a pro-terrorist slant.” John Rockwell’s description of the first performance of Klinghoffer is relatively tame and contains little inflammatory language in regards to the opera’s content: The subject of "The Death of Klinghoffer" is the seizure of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro in October 1985 by four Palestinian terrorists and the…

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  • Richard Wagner: A Great Composer Of Music

    Richard Wagner was a great composer of music that shaped history as we know it. His music was full of passion and despite his many characteristic flaws, he was able to convey great emotion and love in his music. Wagner composed 13 operas with his most famous works like Tristan und Isolde, Lohengrin, Parsifal, and Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg(The Mastersingers of Nuremberg.) He transformed the way opera was written and performed by actually doing the libretto himself. The longest opera he…

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  • Summary Of The Song 'Demons'

    An American rock b and, Imagine Dragons, released the song “Demons” in 2012. It had sparked major debates and conversations about the story behind the lyrics. Different people had different insights and perspectives to the identical ballad. Many people deliberated the meaning of the librettos; some claimed that the song was a depressing anecdote describing the narrators down fall; others believed that the tale behind the lyrics was a positive note encouraging others to pick themselves up, make…

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  • Donna Abbandonata Character Analysis

    Donna Elvira is portrayed as the “Donna Abbandonata” (abandoned woman) throughout various literature. In particular, I will examine her character through Wolfgang A. Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte’s Don Giovanni. Donna Elvira is a sensible and imprudent woman throughout her ordeal with Don Giovanni. She can’t decide whether she wants to kiss Giovanni or to kill him. Donna Elvira is unwavering in her goal throughout the opera. She is in love with Don Giovanni even while being completely aware of his…

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