Requiem For The American Dream Essay

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In Requiem for the American Dream, Noam Chomsky describes the vicious cycle of how concentration of wealth supplies concentration of power, and the political power turns into legislation which concentrates more wealth, and so on, and so on. Chomsky talks about how people will never be able to reach the American Dream. People will never reach the American Dream because of what Chomsky stated in his documentary, which is because of the wealth of nations, the attack on solidarity, and marginalize the population.
In the beginning of the documentary Chomsky agrees with one of Adam Smith’s idea in his book the wealth of nations, when Adam Smith states that the manufactures and merchants are the principle architects in England’s society, and they
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Chomsky says “it’s taken a lot of effort to drive these basic human emotions out of people heads. And we see it in today’s policy formation. For example, in the attack on social security……social security means ‘I pay payroll taxes so that the widow across town can get something to live on.’ For much of the population that’s what they survive on. It’s of no use to the very rich. So therefore there’s a concerned attempt to destroy it.” Chomsky is saying is that throughout history people have been taught only to care for themselves so when it comes to social security people don’t care that there is people who can’t work, and that rely on payroll taxes, which he is one-hundred percent right about. If you listen to your parents talk about it you will hear them complain about giving away all of their money to people who cheat the system and don’t work, which is sometimes true but what they don’t realize is that if they don’t pay them then people will go without food, or school, etc. Principle 5 also talks about how the government is attacking public schools by defunding it. Public schools are based on people’s solidarity and by taking this away it may lead to a child not being able to go to school because there

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