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  • Library Of Congress Cataloging System Analysis

    The Library of Congress Cataloging System (LCCS) has long reflected the importance of author’s voice in works of literature by including subheadings such as: Hispanic Americans—fiction; American poetry--Jewish authors; American lesbians--literary collections, etc., while scholarly works of nonfiction, assumed to be impartial, have not been classified in this manner. Therefore, it is not possible to measure who the authors of those works are, and whether, for instance, any of the works located under a particular subject heading were written from non-hegemonic perspectives. Any suggestion that libraries should target the collecting of works by underrepresented authors is immediately countered with criticism that in doing so librarians would be…

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  • Public Libraries

    Public libraries are trying to keep up in a world where technological changes are rapid and constant. In order to stay relevant, public libraries must understand and embrace change and new technologies. Public library spaces will continue to be reinvented in order to better meet the needs of users. But where the most amount of change is expected is in digital content. As the library changes, the catalog must change. These changes need to consider not just current needs but the future needs of…

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  • Case Study Of The Stumpf Company

    experience/knowledge to deal with the task at hand. This is a factor that I feel I am currently experiencing in my library system with some of the recent changes and shuffling around of staff in different departments; there are just simply people who cannot perform the expected tasks and they should not be in those positions that expect them to do so. This is…

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  • History Of Libraries In The 1960s

    U.S. Libraries in the 1960s The 1960s were a time of significant change for the United States, so much so this era is often referred to as “the rights revolution” (CrashCourse). The United States experienced the continuation of the Civil Rights Movement, the youngest elected president, John F. Kennedy—and the youngest president to die, the first manned moon landing, and seemingly everything in between. In a country that was so fraught with change, it only seems fitting that libraries were…

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  • Melvile Dewey: The Role Of Women In Public Library

    Long before Melvile Dewey came around and implemented his decimal system, personal library collections typically were curated and and managed to some degree by men. Considering that the form of public libraries that gave rise to the ones we have today, did not come into existence until the mid to late 19th century, it is surprising that women were allowed into these institutions. However, even from the birth of the field of librarianship, women had to assert their right to be there. In order to…

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  • Library Membership Case Study

    College of TAFE (formerly Central Institute of Technology). I am keen to be heavily involved in the changing nature of the public library and am enthusiastic about being part of initiating exciting events that can attract people to the library. Eligibility for Associate Membership of the Australian Library and Information Association I am eligible for the Associate Membership of the Australian…

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  • The Role Of The School Librarian

    sector has probably experienced the greatest alteration and modification in regard to its identity. The role of the school librarian had to evolve at a rapid rate to keep up with the times or risk extinction. It started slowly in the nineteen eighties and nineties with the eradication of card catalogs and the implementation of the the computer database as a means of finding items within the library. It has been snowballing ever since with the advent of the internet and information accessibility.…

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  • Afl Cio Observation

    arbara Percival In Preparation of an AFL-CIO Exhibit This past semester, I conducted my field study within the setting of an academic library working with the university archivists at the Hornbake Library at the University of Maryland (UMD). Due to unforeseen circumstances, my field study had to be cobbled together rather quickly and therefore consists of a patchwork. For example, there have been two projects in my field study with two different supervisors in two different departments.…

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  • Assisted Suicide Thesis

    assisted suicide for the terminally ill. I chose it because it has been in the news lately and I wanted to know more about it. I’ve learned that there are people very passionate for and against it. They all have great points of why it should and why it shouldn’t be legalized. I believe that it should be legalized and my paper will give you a few reasons why. My working thesis is “Assisted suicide should be legal for people with a terminal illness because they have a right to die, they suffer…

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  • The Importance Of Library Circles

    Library organization is a hot topic is library circles. To gentrify or not to gentrify …that is the question. I was quite surprised by the passion this topic ignites on library blogs and discussion boards. Some librarians are down right angry at the idea of “dissing” Dewey, while others embrace the change. After much consideration, if ever given the opportunity to organize a library, it would most definitely be in the genrefication or bookstore model, alphabetically for the fiction selections,…

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