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  • Liberal Party Structure

    While both structure and agency played a key role in the replacing of the Liberal party with Labour it could be said that structure worked more as a catalyst while agency played a direct part in the replacement of the Liberal party; it could be argued “structure and agency [cannot] be divorced” (McHugh, 2001, p.6). While values giving way to class and an electorate tripling in size does create some convincing arguments that structure is the best explanation for Labour replacing the Liberal party as the main opposition to the Conservatives it seems that agency underpins these; the argument that the Liberals failed to find an unchanging ideological position seems to run through the core of their demise; this mixed with their apparent insecurity…

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  • Liberal Party Victory Analysis

    In 2015 the Liberals engineered one of the greatest political comebacks of a generation going from thirty-four seats in parliament to a stunning one hundred and eight four, despite the fact they were trailing in third place when the campaign began (Andrew-Gee, 2015). A victory of this margin deserves to be analyzed if for the mere fact that the Liberal Party will use the victory as a mandate to enact their agenda. This paper will argue that the Liberal Party’s victory was the result of a adept…

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  • Essay On Australia's Involvement In The Vietnam War

    There were also parties and groups in the government that supported and opposed the Australian troops’ involvement. Sir Robert Menzies served eighteen years as the 12th Prime Minister of Australia and during his time as the leader of Australia’s Liberal Party, he contributed greatly to the war effort in Vietnam and aiding and establishing a bond between America. In the late 1940s, a number of strikes affected Australian industries and the Australian public thought the Communists were…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Toll-Gating

    Toll-gating is a procedure in which a person or company receiving a government contract is expected to forward a percentage of the profits to the party The Beauharnois Scandal of 1931 is an example of Toll-gating in Canadian politics. This scandal involved building and financing a huge hydro-electric project on the St. Lawrence river and a secret $700,000 payment to the Liberal Party. Bribery is an offering or accepting of illegal payments of money, goods or services in exchange for favours…

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  • Political Influences On My Life

    Australia has six major different political parties: the Australian Labor Party, the Liberal Party, The Nationals, the Australian Greens, the Australian Democrats, and One Nation. Formed in 1890, the Australian Labor Party’s commitment is to promote fairness at work, provide access to quality education no matter what a person’s circumstances, and a firm belief that we should all have the same opportunities in life no matter what we do. The Liberal Party was formed from a merger between the…

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  • Political Truth Analysis

    Politics hold one truth and that is, there is no simple truth. Political truth is adaptable, mutable and most of all relative. Sometimes it is even absent and even worst sometimes irrelevant. This is difficult for people as it is not the way we live our lives and this is perhaps the reason there is such a big wedge and difference between politics, politicians and people, for most people a sense of honesty underpins the way we deal with each other. Prime ministers ask the public to place their…

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  • Media In Australia

    debates so as to facilitate informed opinion and participation in democratic politics (Dahlgren 2009). But the Australian print media is highly concentrated resulting in reporting of information that serves the political, financial interests of a select government party or the owner of the print media itself. This essay will demonstrate how the high concentration of ownership in Australian media…

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  • René Lévesque In Quebec

    René Lévesque, born in August 1922, was a journalist and a separatist and the premier of Québec from 1976-1985. From a young age, he was aware of poverty among French Canadians in the rural areas of Québec, which sparked his interest in politics and the economics of his province. He left law school before obtaining a degree and went into journalism and by 1956, he became one of Québec’s first television stars. In 1960, he joined Jean Lesage 's Liberal Cabinet and later established the Parti…

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  • Factors Affecting Australia's Population Growth Rate

    people believed in climate change. Turnbull says “larger and more frequent storms are one of the consequences that the climate models and climate scientists predict from global warming” (Hunter & Lee, 2016). The Liberal Party of Australia has prioritized protecting the Great Barrier Reef as their major environmental concern. Climate change and poor water quality have destroyed parts of the Great Barrier Reef, so there has been a $1 billion budget assigned solely to addressing these causes and…

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  • The Petrov Affair: Reds Under The Bed

    of Evdokia and Vladimir Petrov, a spy duo designed to conduct key operations in the Soviet Embassy of the Australian capital city. Background Story The Petrovs were two Soviet Intelligence operatives Vladimir Petrov and Evdokia Petrov. Both the Petrovs had specialised training in cyphering and code breaking, an asset to the Soviet regime of the 1940s and 1950s. In 1951, the Petrovs had earned the soviet government’s confidence and were soon ordered to the Soviet embassy in Australia. Their…

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