Conservative Party of Canada

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  • Liberal Internationalism In Canada

    many other countries. Due to the heroic efforts done in part by Canadian soldiers in World War One, Canada was gifted the statue of Westminster. This gift signaled the end of British primacy to our foreign policy, and crafted Canada’s foreign strategy that has been known around the world for many decades. Canada’s role in World War two to help aid in the fight of Nazism and Fascism played a victorious contributions to help defeat the axis powers, and formally granted Canada the title of international liberators around the globe. In the years post Second World War, Canada has always done its best to maintain her title as liberal internationalists.…

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  • Canadian Parliamentary System Analysis

    The Canadian Parliamentary system is traditionally built off a system of checks and balances that allows for the federal office ensure that irrational and inappropriate ideas and decisions are unable to be pushed through. However, in time, this system has begun to diminish within Canada. Canadian politics has become an area of controversy within Canada, beginning with when Pierre Trudeau amended the 1970 Elections Act, and continuing through to Canada’s past Prime Minister Stephen Harper. These…

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  • The Canadian Senate: Chamber Of Sober Reflection By David C. Docherty

    legislation imposed by Brian Mulroney, which was widely unpopular with many Canadians, the Liberal majority of the Senate at the time tried to block the passing of the GST legislation but Brian Mulroney filled the Senate with conservatives eventually passing the bill. The advising of Senators by Brian Mulroney in order to pass the legislative GST tax shows how the wishes of Senators are in favour of the Prime Minister, which severely limits the Senates responsiveness in reflecting Canadian…

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  • Analysis Of What's Right And Wrong With Democracy In Canada By Joe Clark

    Clark, Joe. “What’s Right and Wrong with Democracy in Canada.” Election Law Journal 3, No. 3 (2004). http://journals Joe Clark provides a few reasons for why he thinks Canada is not a strong democracy. In his article, he briefly describes five key flaws in the Canadian political system. For example, Clark points to the fact that Canadian federal politics lacks competition. Second, he makes the claim…

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  • Political Parties In Canada

    Canadian Political parties are not strictly or permanently based on the political ideologies they are sometime names after. It is true that some begin with the idea of representing a specific ideology, but over time the influence of outside forces and the need to stay relevant in the eyes of the voting population and large organizations, among other things can and often does cause changes and these changes lead to an overall shift in the political parties policy and the founding ideology. The…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Conservative Party

    political parties. Besides the unconscious first impressions, the Canadian public typically understood very little about the individuals that may lead the country. Reasonably so, Canadian leaders are not always in the spotlight unless major events occur such as a law implementation or a tragic disaster. The lengthier campaigns simply create additional leaders debates and speeches. These additional demonstrations allow citizens to have a higher interest in party policy and their specific views on…

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  • Donna Hawley

    eight year old; when imagining a person ten years superior to oneself, they often seem detached and un-relatable. In the words of every petulant child to their parent, “you just don’t get it.” When it boils down to it, are the generations really that different? One woman raised conservatively in the 1950s saw unbelievable progress is technology and societal norms, she also lived in fear of nuclear war and saw the president’s death; now she believes our world needs better representation and more…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Social Identity

    money, energy or resources. Finally, my biggest core belief that has had influence over my entire life has been hard work. From my past experiences and struggles, I’ve developed the belief that it is no one’s job except my own to improve my life. As I explored political ideologies and parties, I have found my values align with parties that share my core belief of hard work bringing…

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  • Electoral System Analysis

    The electoral and party systems have important implications in the Canadian political system, but their impact runs deeper than simply forming a new parliament every time an election takes place. The relationship the systems share has political and social impacts. Author Alan C. Cairns discusses the functions of the two systems and the effects they have on the electorate in his article “The Electoral System and the Party System in Canada, 1921-1965*.” The electoral system used in Canada is…

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  • Postmodernism Analysis

    Thatcherite’s. She was the first Spice Girl, the pioneer of Girl Power. The middle class are the worst. We like the aristocrats." (Spectator, 1996) The Spice Girls are not the only Pop. artists to have come out in sympathy of a British political party in the last few months, Damon Albarn of Blur and Mick Hucknal of Simply Red have chosen to publicly vocalise support for the Labour party. But, without wishing to cast aspersion on the moral sincerity of these artists ' political motivations, can…

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