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  • Williams V Roffey Comms Case Study

    case is the leading in English contract law and has been considered as the most current case changing the rule presented in Stilk v Myrick. Williams v Roffey Bros. case is far more differences from the traditional rules of consideration which consist of ‘pre-existing duty doctrine’. Pre-existing duty doctrine is a ‘party to a contract is under a pre-existing duty to perform, then no consideration is given for any modification of the contract and the modification is therefore voidable.’ In today’s society, “pre-existing duty rule’ is generally connecting to Stilk v Myrick. The case is follows the pre-existing rule because the captain’s promise of paying wage to the sailors was classified as no consideration because ‘sail the ship home safely’ was in their original contract. However, the Williams v Roffey Bros. case was totally the opposite to the stilk v Myrick case. The Williams v Roffey Bros. case shows the use of the practical benefit consideration which means modification of ongoing contractual transactions is an everyday. This doctrine is force on will the promisor gain benefit. The difference of the principle behind the two cases shows the change of the English contract law and makes the Williams v Roffey Bros. the leading…

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  • The Case Of MWB Business Exchange Centres Ltd V Rock Advertising Ltd (2016)?

    It concluded that the oral agreement “did amount to good consideration”. The decision considered the non-binding cases of United Bank Ltd and World Online Telecom Ltd, but confirmed in MWB Business that the case of World Online Telecom Ltd should be followed. However, the recent decision again opened up the debate on oral variations to contracts containing a no amendment clause, potentially opening the floodgates to a series of similar cases. The facts of this case are as followed; Rock,…

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  • Considerations In Retirement

    People have a tendency to focus on matters of the contemporary world. Especially in a college/university setting, students allocate a great deal of their time towards their academics; they plan particularly for the present and the near future. Making preparations for the late future, specifically for something as far away as retirement, is something many people neglect, despite its importance. It does beg the question: how far does one plan for the future? The issues regarding to the…

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  • Cultural Considerations

    Ethnic, Genetic, and Cultural Considerations in Prescribing Providers are accountable to be culturally competent, empathetic and knowledgeable with treatment options for patients. The following paper addresses pharmacotherapeutics, client compliance and advanced nursing practice. Also highlighted will be resources available to clinicians and how to educate a client on the identification or prevention of potential pharmacodynamics or pharmokinetic problems. Ethnic, Genetic and Cultural…

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  • Ethical Considerations

    Ethical considerations For this research project I ensured that I followed the ethical guidelines of the University of Hertfordshire whilst planning for and carrying out my small scale survey (see appendix for ethics approval sheet) Due to the sensitive nature of this research topic a number of ethical considerations had to be recognised and discussed. First and foremost, it is important to note that I chose not to distribute my questionnaire to children or any young person under the age of 18,…

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  • Ebola Ethical Considerations

    To develop a therapy for the Ebola virus, research studies should be supervised by ethics committees to ensure that these ethical considerations are met. Beneficence means that the study should be beneficial to the participants and their communities and do no harm, or nonmaleficence. To ensure beneficence, a drug or immunization for Ebola must benefit the most affected communities and have the potential to effectively reduce the burden of disease. It would not be ethical to conduct a study that…

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  • Essay On Equal Consideration

    We take it as a given that we ought to treat all human beings equally, i.e. that we must give equal consideration of interests to all human beings. Singer argues that we should extend our moral principle of equal consideration of interests to animals. Excluding them on the grounds of species difference is parallel to the reasoning behind racist and sexist attitudes and hence morally impermissible. Furthermore, Singer argues that there is no moral feature exclusive to humans which could grant our…

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  • Ethical Considerations In Education

    Ethical considerations; As Lambe and Bones note in their study, informed consent is a requirement of any such research proposal, indeed further to this Burton and Bartlett consider the value of being able to discuss ‘final story’ (pp.175) with the teacher in question, or as otherwise described at a ‘debrief’. This discussion time is of particular importance due to the nature of the methods. Indeed as Stutchbury, K, & Fox, A, (2009) consider, with any interaction with others, there will be an…

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  • Multifactorial Considerations In Health Care

    Jennifer, you bring up very pertinent points. Very seldom are barriers isolated in a vacuum, where we can flick the switch and fix the issue. Certainly the multifactorial considerations are concerns with almost any facet of healthcare and behavioral modifications. As I described in a response to Angelina Aquila, Flynn et al. (2013) described multifactorial viewpoints both from individual and family perspectives that describe facilitators and barriers to behavioral changes affecting health…

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  • Safety Considerations In Sports

    d. Safety considerations Safety when not on the court requires the help of those without a visual impairment. Due to the participants wearing black out masks, it is important that assistants are present to prevent accidents such as bumping into walls that are out of bounds, bumping into other students, or tripping over equipment. Safety when on the court differs slightly, but will vary based on the experience of the athlete. The boundaries of the court require a heavy string be laid down with…

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