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  • What Is Being Gay Taboo

    they were supportive of LGBT+ causes, and had colored rainbow Doritos to show their pride/support. The thing is, before gay marriage was legalized in June 2015 and it became a mainstream thing to make everything rainbow colored to support and celebrate the ruling, Doritos had no history of being supportive of the LGBT+ community. So you have to wonder, are they truly supportive of the LGBT+ community, or is it just being used to attract more people, and because if they didn’t they would be criticized? According to an article by NBC New, the marketing officer of the Fritos Lays Company said that the rainbow Doritos were to show the company’s support of the LGBT+ community, and yet, that announcement was made “just days ahead of this Sunday’s Dallas Pride event, which counts Doritos among its corporate sponsors”. Logically speaking, it makes sense that Doritos would just so happen to announce it’s support of the LGBT+ community right at the same time of a big LGBT+ event, which would have the potential of bringing in even more consumers. Sounds like a smart business plan to me. As well, because making everything rainbow colored became mainstream because of the Supreme Court ruling, you have to wonder if the company was making the rainbow Doritos simply because it was the thing to do, and because if they didn’t find some way to show their support of the movement, they would be heavily criticized. This is similar to what the churches who claim to support the LGBT+ community. The…

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  • Terrorism In The United States

    The world today is going through a problematic, judgmental, and controversial shift. The U.S. today is going through a population increase due to illegal Mexican immigration. Homosexuals or gay people are fighting for their rights to further the peace of the marriage equality vote. The U.S. is trying to protect the American people from the horrific incidents of the terrorist group ISIS. The world is going from bad to worse and it seems every day there is a new problem arising dealing with these…

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  • Summary Of Stephen Colbert's Book 'I Am America'

    (specifically Americans) should treat homosexual individuals with dignity and respect. The positive consequence of adopting this view would be increased equality, unity among different social groups, increased social order, and the avoidance of conflicts. By treating an oppressed group of people with the respect they deserve, they will be overall happier and healthier individuals as well. One unintended consequence of adapting to Colbert’s view is that by allowing homosexual individuals the…

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  • Why Do Democratic Institutions Exist In Russia

    institutions in such countries could help to better distinguish between different regimes and to develop new methods of analyzing political processes in authoritarian countries with strong democratic facades. Now, as we established importance of the topic, we can move forward to the discussion of the arguments. In Gandhi (2008), the presence of the democratic institutions mainly depends on the strength of the opposition. If the opposition 1Non-democratic phenomena in Russia include: media…

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  • The Effect Of Single Party Dominance On Malaysia And Singapore's Political System

    respect for minority rights, etc. However, in today’s international political structure, not all “democratic” nations necessarily adhere to these features. Two self-proclaimed “democratic” nations—Malaysia and Singapore both lack such defining characteristics but yet are still internationally…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Pro Gay Marriage Pros And Cons

    judge others because of their sexual orientation. Gay marriage should be more accepted. After many years of not being able to marry someone of the same-sex, a law was finally passed. On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry anywhere in the U.S.(“At Issue: Same-Sex Marriage.”) Now that this law is passed people in the gay community can get married in almost any church, that will allow it. Just because someone is gay does not mean that they should…

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  • Gay Marriage Arguments

    Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community has been fighting against the government, looking forward for public acceptance and governmental laws that would let people of the same sex get married. There are millions of same sex couples in the world who feel left behind because of the lack of equal rights. For example, people from all over the world move to the USA because cultures are rapidly associating with each other. These people are finding themselves trapped, thinking that they 're going…

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  • Marriage Equality In Australia

    change the definition of marriage from “the union of a man and a woman” to “the union of two people”. Thus including couples of all sexualities in the privilege of marriage. Mr Shorten gave a speech on the Labor party’s perspective on marriage equality he says “We say to all young gay people: we are proud of you, for who you are. You belong." (Ireland, 2015) Regardless of whether or not the Labor government truly supports marriage equality, a factor that may affect their perspective is that…

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  • Same-Sex Marriage Analysis

    Court legalized same-sex marriage, following decades of sociopolitical mobilization by members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and their allies. However, members of the LGBT community have criticized the narrow focus on marriage equality, arguing it sidesteps other urgent community issues like racism, class conflicts, transphobia, youth homelessness, and others (Spade and Willse 2013; Duggan 2012a; Warner 1999). Moreover, LGBT activists and scholars, some of whom…

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  • Pride Parades Essay

    colorful rainbow themes and vibrant theatricality with a dash of flamboyance. However, history of Pride Parades dates them back to 1969 to a more somber march with only signs and chants to indicate any social movement at all (Desta). They were held with the purpose to educate the masses regarding the LGBT agenda and to advocate for the rights of LGBT groups. The term LGBT primarily stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender which are sexual orientations outside of the supposedly ‘normal’…

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