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  • Cixi's Reform

    In the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, many elites, new intellectuals and reform-minded Chinese had realized that the existing political and social systems which lasted for more than thousands years should be changed immediately, or the Qing Empire would collapse quickly. The actual ruler of the Empire, Empress Dowager Cixi, who oppressed the Reform of 1898, recognized the urgent needs for reform as she felt gradually losing control, respects and confidence over both domestic and international sides. The reform that she decided to have was then called The New Policy of 1901. This New Policy involved with the reforms of political changes, education, economics and military, and the most important reforms included the abolition of the civil service examination, promoting the commerce, building railways, having more students study overseas, learning the constitutions in the western nations, hiring foreigners to assist training the New Armies with quality people. New Policy mainly aimed at re-building and reconstructing the Manchu ruling, and modernizing China. In my opinion, there is no doubt that Cixi and her followers wanted to have a serious reform considering the problematic situations that the Qing confronted; however, because of the deep-rooted problems and the rising of the new intellectuals, the Qing had been losing its supports and loyalty from people. In fact, many Chinese regarded the New Policy as a fig leaf for the Empire and Qing did not want…

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  • Martial Arts Influence

    makers. They noticed the beauty of Shaolin and the skill required to perform it. Soon, directors began to script movies with this type of martial arts in their films. Shaolin had a huge impact on the genre of martial arts films. Chinese opera consisted of elaborate and graceful moves, which made moviemakers decided to input some of these moves into their movies. Shaolin was one of the first forms of martial arts and was similar to the acrobatic moves in Chinese opera; therefore, filmmakers…

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  • Kappa Gamma Case Study

    This will preserve our heritage and, at the same time, be more meaningful to our membership and preserve the dignity and integrity of our brand. Amended Motion: The fleur-de-lis is a recognizable symbol of Kappa Kappa Gamma; and whereas, the current fleur-de-lis being used looks like an anatomical organ; be it RESOLVED that the current fleur-de-lis be redesigned and preserve the dignity and integrity of our…

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  • Essay On 1960s And Present Day

    As it says in the Red Scarf Girl, “...tight pants and pointed shoes are what the Western bourgeoisie admire. (Ji-Li Jian pg. 30)” And also stating that the person was wearing a cream-colored jacket with the zipper half open, and a pair of sharply creased light-brown pants. He had also been wearing fashionable two-tone shoes. These were “Four olds” back then during the 1960s in the Republic of China. It says in the book that “One of the boys was trying to squeeze an empty beer bottle up the man’s…

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  • Essay On Self Strengtheners

    Diplomatic missions were sent out for the first time. The first of the diplomatic envoys was Guo Songtao in 1877, who saw much of the British industrial heartland and wrote letters about it. In one such letter, Guo writes to Li Hongzhang, a self-strengthener, about Britain 's Great Leap Forward: from the beginning of England 's rise, it has been only several decades; while China was weak and declining, they covered a distance of 70,000 li in a wink of an eye ... Chinese Scholars and…

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  • The Taiping Rebellion

    government launched a series of reform initiatives in order to equalize China’s status with the West and to revitalize state power and economic wealth. It tried to accomplish something similar to what the Meiji Restoration accomplished in Japan – modernize their country in response to humiliating defeats against the West. The first and most notable revival effort was known as the Self-Strengthening Movement (1861-94). This military and political reform movement was a push to modernize China by…

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  • Summary Of From Restaurant To Panda Express

    Chinese first came to the United States during the Gold Rush the foundations of what we know as Chinese food began and immigrants started opening restaurants. While many Chinese exclusion laws were passed between 1882 and 1904, racial ideology also became heavily tainted including how it relates to food culture. Chinese food became negatively projected and was labeled as an inferior cuisine in society. For instance, rice became a racial symbol for inferiority and the portrayed racist image of…

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