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  • Lewis Mumford The Story Of Utopias Analysis

    For centuries, ideas that open up possibilities and enable men to become free of what constraints may befall them. One such idea that perhaps more than many is the idea of Utopia, Lewis Mumford in his book The Story of Utopias describes as such. Mumford was a historian, critic, sociologist and philosopher in his own right. His works ranged from urban architecture to urban planning, and to the study of the human condition. In The Story Mumford analyses a range of topics relating to the idea of Utopia, he achieves this by discussing Utopias such as Plato’s Republic, Fourier’s Phalanxes, H.G Well’s fictitious Utopia, and Sir Thomas More’s Utopia. Mumford then further surveys the Utopias presented and explains how these Utopias arose and for what reason. Mumford explains that the Utopia of Sir Thomas More and others originates from two main points. Firstly, the possibilities of the open sea provided a great movement of new romantic ideals about what lay out there, and the need to go find what these possibilities are. Perhaps more influential however was the breakdown of the town economy. The town economy of the Middle Ages was a development of the self-sufficing household economy. The town economy was also important “for different trades grew up within the town and the right to trade within the town and in the…

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  • Lewis Mumford Analysis

    Lewis Mumford Although Lewis Mumford is not mentioned in this week’s reading assignment, his understanding of city design and the conflict which might arise when poor planning is engaged shines through in various sections in the text. Through most of Mumford’s writings, his criticism towards modern man’s lifestyle is evident. From the transformation of the use of money as a commodity, the ever growing advancements in technology, to his thoughts on how new cities were growing out of control.”…

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  • The Drive In City Culture Summary

    The definition of a city may seem like it would be simple and to the point. The work of several demographers, archaeologists, and philosophers proves that the understanding of a city requires a thorough analysis. E.B. White, Kingsley Davis, Gordon Childe, Lewis Mumford, Kenneth Jackson and Robert Bruegman have their own understandings of what a city is. White has a thought-provoking idea of a city, especially in the way he describes his visit to New York City. He feels that New York is not…

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  • Lewis Mumford Speech Analysis

    Although a region may perceive their roots to be unwavering, powerful acts can crack even the most established ideals. From the suffragette who stepped on the tracks of a horse race for women’s rights, to the man who suffered a bullet wound fighting for civil rights, to the student protestors who risked the unknown for the chance at a better future, powerful and sacrificial acts have drastically altered the regions in which we live. These tactics may seem unconventional, but according to author…

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  • Medieval City Life

    While the industrial city relies on autonomy and a new sense of independence, the medieval city is heavily community based. Medieval homes are a community in the sense that a household not only contained a nuclear family, but apprentices, craftsmen, and domestics as well, that operate as a family unit. Lewis Mumford illustrates the function of a medieval household through this quote “The members ate together at the same table, worked in the same rooms, slept in the same or common hall, converted…

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  • Harland Bartholomew's Contribution To The City Planner

    Harland Bartholomew name might be not as widely known as Ebenezer Howard, Jane Jacobs, or Robert Moses, but it can be argued that he is just as important to how city planners are impacted today through his theories and methods. Bartholomew was a city planner that lived from 1889 to 1989 (Lovelace, 1993). He was one of the original municipal planners and has influenced city planning profession from 1914 to present day. Bartholomew’s influence and notability in city planning has three distinct…

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  • Harland Bartholomew's Role In The City Planning Profession

    Harland Bartholomew is one of the original municipal planners that influenced the city planning profession from 1914 to present day. Bartholomew’s influence and notability in city planning has three distinct areas (Lovelace, 1993). These three areas include the education of planning professionals, civil service at both the city and national level, and his private practice and advancement of a systematic comprehensive plan (Lovelace, 1993). These three areas tell a story of an individual that had…

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  • Sigh No More Shakespeare Analysis

    Since Mumford and Sons, an English folk rock band, released their album in 2009, Sigh No More, has gotten a popular reputation among the Shakespearean community for their strong literary influence. The community has grasped that each song in the album is actually a reference to at least one of Shakespeare’s many plays, even the title of the album, Sigh No More, was a reference to Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing. Marcus Mumford, the lead singer, gave an explanation about all the literary…

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  • Analysis Of Jesse Owens: An American Life

    The book Jesse Owens: An American Life encompasses the true meaning of persevering and prevailing in the face of adversity, oppression, and misfortune. The story of Jesse Owens and his climb to becoming arguably one of the greatest athletes and Olympians of all time invokes feelings of disgust caused by how humans can treat another, yet feelings of triumph caused by the incredible nature of the human spirit and the will to overcome circumstances. William Baker captures the rich history behind…

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  • Autobiography: Love Your Rabbit

    Autobiography: Love Your Rabbit Heneghan, Judith. Love Your Rabbit. London: Wayland, 2013. Print. Judith Heneghan is an expert on rabbits. I learned so much from her amazing book. She owns two rabbits named Jack and Jill. She provides many things for these animals including different virides of food (hay , pellets bananas, apples, E.T.C) and different bedding to change things up a bit. She also likes to put her bunny outside because she believes that bunnies should get as much of the…

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