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  • Summary Of Jim Murphy's Inner Excellence

    Jim Murphy uses the story of other people and gives the reader the insight on the mindset of successful people. He adopted this method through the study of psychiatrist Abraham Maslow who analyses successful people and their traits. Throughout the book you find stories from NFL players, Olympic athletes, world record holders, and even Samurai. In chapter 3 of the book Murphy uses the story of Lewis Gordon Pugh to teach fearlessness in the mind and push yourself to new heights. Lewis Pugh swam one kilometer in water that was -1.7 degrees Celsius cold enough to kill someone in less than a minute. Jim assess the mindset of Pugh and gives the keys to show you how to take aspects from his mentality and apply them to your life by giving the reader follow-up questions and activities at the end of each chapter. This is done throughout the book and helps the reading easy to apply because it is proven to work because of the backing of the personal accounts from others. The research to enhance the stories are taken from books on psychology in order to show you how the mind…

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  • Bruce The Movie Leadership Analysis

    them, he felt the need to serve his own justice. This is an example of his power getting a little out of hand. Most of the time he keeps his personal vendettas out of his plans. He is praised and loved by the citizens of Gotham and it was imperative that he didn’t let all the noise and expectations get to his head. He used his power for good, not evil. As a symbol of justice, he wanted people to accept him and agree with his role as a vigilante. Bruce did a great job of keeping his personal life…

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  • Pizza Man Short Story

    “Uggh Dr. Ninjhog has robbed another bank, I’ve got to go Tanner man.” Dr.Ninjhog was San Francisco’s greatest supervillain of the 21st century, he robs one bank a day without being caught, Nobody except himself knows how he is capable of this monstrosity . Pizza man is San Francisco’s greatest superhero, he fights the ninja hedgehog in the streets of San Francisco. “Pizza man, Dr Ninjhog has robbed yet another bank,” exclaims Tanner man, just then the hologram table switches to Dr. Ninjhog…

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  • Resurgenman's Characters In The Dark Knight Returns By Frank Miller

    Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns is a groundbreaking masterpiece; It singlehandedly revolutionized the public’s perception of the character, Batman, whilst also addressing a large variety of themes throughout the four books making up the comic. One of the most revolutionary factors of The Dark Knight Returns is the way Miller presents the Batman’s resurgence. Miller successfully creates a fresh take on the character of Batman by telling a story, not through panels upon panels of grandiose…

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  • 2010 And 2015 General Election Analysis

    in General elections. To be specific, statistics from the campaign of March 2015, shows that the Conservative party was better attracting Ukip voters whereas, In addition the Conservative party were successful in attracting more Lib Dem voters that are formally left-wing than Labour (Green, J and Posser, C). Many Ukip voters previously voted for the Conservative party, one could then theorise, that many Ukip voters were inclined to switch to the Conservative party, as they not only share similar…

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  • Dark Knight Rationale

    The Dark Knight was the second of a trilogy of the Batman movie series directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie promise to be one to be remember and as others might say an iconic movie for what superheroes and/or future Batman movies should be. The Dark Knight movie was released in July 2008, and for the comic book/superheroes fans that have not seen it I can only tell you one thing: go see it. It was produced by the well-known Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. who are known for producing movies…

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  • The Dark Knight Mise En Scene Analysis

    The Joker is to blame for Harvey Dent’s turn to evil in Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight. The Joker targets Coleman Reese, an employee of Bruce Wayne who is about to expose the secret identity of Batman, threatening to blow up a hospital if Reese is not dead within the hour. Amid the chaos, police evacuate hospitals in the city. The Joker disguises himself and gains access to Harvey Dent’s hospital room, leaving them alone in the evacuated hospital. After the Joker unties Harvey’s wrists…

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  • Joker In The Dark Knight

    exciting since the Joker gave his threaten to Batman by starting killing people from the same night. I thought if I were Harvey or Batman what the right decision to do. The Joker was not kidding by starting killing from the same night because he killed the fake Batman, robbed his neck, and hang his card on the fake Batman’s chest. First, the Joker planned to get several people at one night. He started with old lady when he bombed her car, however, the policemen asked her to leave! Then they gave…

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  • Joker In The Dark Knight And Lord Of The Flies

    Joker in The Dark Knight and Jack Merridew in The Lord of the Flies desire the power to push entire society into corruption of madness and anarchy by their successful leading skills. They trap people using violence and trickery and diffuse their responsibilities to someone else. The Joker and Jack don’t have any humanizing elements; instead, they attempt to destroy humanized society. They, the shadows confront with protagonists and natural humanity to officialize their ideology. The Joker and…

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  • Dale Earnhardt: Race Car Driver

    Would you have taken a ride with this man? Dale Earnhardt. That is all that has to be said if you live in North Carolina or are a Nascar fan. His driving made him famous. His personality was playful, but when he crawled in a race car he was all business. Dale was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina.. He grew up watching his dad drive dirt track race cars. This early exposure to racing helped Dale to make the decision to become a race car driver. He ran his first Nascar race on May 25th, 1975 in…

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