Joker In The Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight is an engrossing tragedy film that leaps beyond its origins. Batman is not the comic character, that you spent many nights reading his comic book anymore. Because of the amazing performances, the writing, the direction, and the technical quality of the entire production, this movie created characters we come to care about. By putting all the right elements in play, this movie had given the character of Batman a literary merit. This movie is not simply present the good and evil tale. It is the truth that Batman presented the good and the Joker presented the evil. However, the Joker is more than a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot. His character is presented as, the one whose actions are designed …show more content…
The film opens with a “Bang” as we swoop over in a helicopter shot. The Joker, as a criminal character, has hired five criminals and asked them to put a clown masks to rob a bank. Each one of those criminals, kills off one another until only one is left. The bank manager got killed too, but before that he was asking the robber what he believes in. The last robber was the Joker himself, and that was not clear until he removed his mask. It was an Ironic that the mask and his face are just the same. He does not have a real face. His face is not more than a continuation of his mask. The joker pops a canister, and insert it in the manager’s mouth. What was surprising being that the canister is not designed to explode. However, it is designed to release a strange gas. The Joker’s comment at that moment, “I believe whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stranger”. Which simply indicates that the gas will release a really nasty gas to the bank manager, which will by the time turn him into a fellow freak. The Joker left the bank with the loot of $68 million, driving the yellow school bus. A short montage goes by to introduce all the other characters. In each plot in the film, often have two to three things happening in the same scene. The arrival of Batman was presented in the crime rate in the city is lowering, criminals are afraid of this stranger, and the public is unsure of who is this figure and how they should treat

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