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  • Personal Narrative: I Am William Clark

    Reaching the Pacific ocean after a year of discovery was an accomplishment known historically around the world. Our team was brave enough to explore unknown territory, determined enough to travel 8,000 miles, clever enough to perfect cartography, and bold enough to lead almost 30 other men across the continent. I am Meriwether Lewis, and I am William Clark. I was born on August 1, 1770, in Caroline County, Virginia. I later became in charge of a rifle company where I began my adult life and served with a man known as Meriwether Lewis. My life began on August 18, 1774, at my family estate, Locust Hill in Albemarle County, Virginia. My life as a member of the local militia jump started my career, and later I began my secretary position for…

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  • Compare And Contrast Meriwether Lewis And William Clark

    To say that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were explorers during the early 1800’s, would undermine the contributions they possess in American exploration history. President Thomas Jefferson requested that his aide, Meriwether Lewis (hunter, outdoorsman, herbologist and former Army officer) lead a team of explorers, and study the western component of the west, now known as the Pacific Northwest. William Clark (outdoorsman, Army officer, celestial observer and cartographer) was asked to be his…

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  • The Miracle Birth Analysis

    Holmes, a young, beautiful woman at the age of twenty-one was a kindergarten teacher at the River Town elementary school. A stunning man by the name of Haden Clark was twenty-three years old and was a post office worker in that town. Payton and Haden had attended the same church since they were little children. It was now that Haden was older that he realized the admiration and love he had for Payton. One day as Mrs. Holmes was teaching her Kindergarten class, Haden sent her some flowers and…

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  • American History: The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    Jada Rowe Mrs. Dwiggins Computers 1 04 September 2016 Lewis and Clark expedition The Lewis and Clark expedition was the first expedition though the western portion of the United States. This expedition was so important to the United States today because it is how we found everything from St. louis west to the pacific ocean. Meriwether lewis and William Clark were the leaders of the expedition, and there were 59 people that went with them. Meriwether Lewis was born on August 18, 1774 in…

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  • Sacagawea Thesis

    Sacagawea Sacagawea, Sacajawea, or Sakakawa was her name. She was a major contribution in one of America’s famous expeditions, and the only women of 33 who were in the group. “Corps of Discovery,” is what many called the westward expedition of the United States. Sacagawea now symbolizes U.S culture and female strength. Daughter of a Shoshone chief, Sacagawea was born in 1788 in Lemhi County, Idaho. Unfortunately most of her early years remains a mystery. At the young age of twelve she was…

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  • Significance Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    The Lewis and Clark Expedition is most commonly known as the exploration that led to the westward expansion of the United States of America. William Clark is highly under-credited for his role as one of the two explorers on the trip with most of the credit given to Meriwether Lewis. William Clark is responsible for the making of maps along the journey, especially his master map of the West. Without the detailed maps that Clark created, there would have been a delay in westward expansion in an…

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  • Clark Gable: The King Of Hollywood

    Clark Gable “I'm no actor and I never have been. What people see on the screen is me” (Clark Gable)(IMD). Gable was a man who loved his job. That quote tells that he is not acting, he is just being himself. Clark Gable was also known as “The King” or “The King of Hollywood”. Gable was a very talented actor and achieved many things in life (Clark Gable). Gable was born on February 1, 1901 in Cadiz, Ohio. Clark was born to William Henry Gable and Adeline (Hershelman) Gable. William Gable was an…

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  • The Donner Party's Perilous Journey West Summary

    A Book Review of The Donner Party's Perilous Journey West by Ethan Rarick This book review will examine the historic travels of the Donner Party in The Donner Party's Perilous Journey West by Ethan Rarick. Rarick wrote this book in July 8th, 2009, which provides a current historical and fictional evaluation of the Donner Party’s tragic journey to California. Oxford University Press, a prestigious academic publisher, is the publisher of this book. This book is comprised of 304 pages, which tell…

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  • Meriwether Lewis Role In The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    Meriwether Lewis is an American explorer who is known for his role as leader in the Lewis and Clark expedition. He was also the governor of the Louisiana Territory. He was also Jefferson’s private secretary, these two were close friends. Since Jefferson trusted Lewis, he let Lewis travel to D.C to deliver Jefferson’s classified information. During the Lewis’s travel to Washington, he visited Robert Grinder’s Inn to rest but while he was there he died. The death was murder by conspiracy. In…

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  • The Characteristics Of Gilgamesh: A Hero As A Hero

    A hero can be classified by many things. A hero can be superman, a police officer, and even your mom, but what makes a hero. Is it someone who can fly or shoot laser beams from their eyes or someone who saves a baby from a burning building. I’ll admit some of these characteristics are far-fetched since I don’t know anyone who can fly or randomly saves babies on a normal day. All heroes, including super ones all, have something in common, they're admired for their courage or an outstanding thing…

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