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  • Sacajawe Corps Of Discovery

    tribes since they brought along a woman and especially a woman, Sacagawea, and her baby, Jean Baptiste. About Sacagawea Childhood Sacagawea was born into the Lemhi Shoshone tribe in today’s southeastern Idaho area in 1788 or 1789 according to She was the daughter of the Chief. She was educated about local plants, berries, and roots. The…

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  • Compare And Contrast Cherokee And Shoshone

    village in Tippecanoe Indiana, there was a mother who was about to birth a set of twins. The mother's name was Cheyenne and the two boys names were Apache and Shoshone. Their father, Cherokee, was the leader of the Iroquois tribe. A couple of days had past and the two boys, Apache and Shoshone were born. The two brothers were always challenging each other since day one. If one started to crawl the other tried to walk before him, the two boys would always wrestle and fight and it would always be…

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  • Sacagawea Tribe

    “Bird Woman” "Everything I do is for my people." (“Sacagawea Quotes”). Sacagawea was very loyal to her tribe, the Shoshone, even after the way they treated her. She had been kidnapped and sent to help out in the Lewis and Clark Expedition; an important journey lead by the Corps of Discovery to explore the newly-bought land called The Louisiana Purchase. Because of her free spirit, determination, and incredible help in the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Sacagawea became a notable Native American…

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  • Comanche Culture

    the southern plains, played a major role in the history of central America. Comanches were originally a part of the northern shoshone. The Shoshone and Comanche even have identical languages. Comanches have moved multiple times like the move away from shoshone tribe or moving due to indian conflict. Comanches culture changed once they obtained horses from trading goods which helped them gain territory. While the Comanche believed they owned the central plains, they were forced to stand against…

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  • Native American Delaware Tribe Culture

    The objects that I were assigned were the Bandolier bag from the Native American Delaware Tribe, and the Painted elk hide from the Easter Shoshone tribe. Bandolier bags were extremely popular among most Native American tribes, and each tribe expressed their culture through them in a different way. This particular Bandolier bag comes from the Delaware, or Lenape, Tribe. It is estimated that it was created around 1850 C.E., and is crafted with beads on leather hide. This object has two components…

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  • Meriwether Lewis Expedition

    It’s a large rock of 20 feet high, and it’s in the whole current of the river rush. It was in the middle of the water were the water would flow through. On the way we came across the Shoshone Indians. We learned about their religions. 2 of their goals are, personal success and survival. They believe that illnesses came from: breach tobacco, evil dwarf people and sorcery. They have a herd of 700 horses. They raise good horses. The Shoshone Indians are poor people. They are friendly. Their…

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  • Sacagawe My Hero

    Sacagawea First thing first. My hero is Sacagawea (Saca-ga-we-a). I put that there because many people don’t know how to pronounce her name. She was almost like a mystery because of us not knowing not so much about her. She was born in 1788, in the Lemhi Shoshone tribe. Sacagawea was a native american and was kidnaped at around the age of 12. In her early years Sacagawea got to play games and learn about things she will be doing once she gets older. Sacagawea’s father was the head or leader…

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  • Lewis And Clark Analysis

    trustful person. I know that he loves astronomy. It also counted as a talent that he used on the journey. To know which way we were traveling, he could know which way to go just by looking at the stars. He made a map of the Missouri River while on the expedition. He would always look so concentrated whenever I was with him. Sacagawea was the kindest indian that I’ve ever met. She helped us by interpreting what the Shoshones, as well as a couple other tribes, said to us and what we said to…

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  • Arapaho Indians Research Paper

    Arapaho Indians The Arapaho Indians were established in the 1850s.Since 1878, the Eastern Shoshone, people lived there.The Arapaho Indians lived in the Eastern Shoshone.The Eastern Shoshone was by the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.The Arapaho Tribe spoke in the Algonquian language. The Arapaho Indians ate every animal they saw to stay alive.The weapons they used were bows,arrows,stone ball clubs,jaw bone…

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  • London Buttars Etienne Neighbours's Successful Career

    London Buttars Etienne Provost 3rd period Etienne Provost was born on December 21, 1785. He was born in Chambly, Quebec. Provost was called “The Man of The Mountains” by his fellow trappers. He was also one of the most knowledgeable and successful of the mountain men. Provost had bad times, but was very skillful. There are no photos of Provost, but in a painting he appears short, fat, and round. Provost does not have a wide recognition. He helped guide John James Audubon. On two of his…

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