Babylonian Religion

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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth but quickly the earth turned sour. The man he had created turned to sin even while in paradise but God was not caught off guard. God had a plan to reach a people dying from sin and that plan was Missions. So God sent the first missionary. The missionary did all the things missionaries do, he preached, taught, and he prayed for people and they were healed. Often as the missionary was out in public people would flock to him. Quickly he would be surrounded by a large group of people who would be eager to hear what he had to say. By now I 'm sure you 've guessed who the missionary is. You should know him quite well. There is a very prominent book written about him. A book that has spanned the …show more content…
There is still a world full of people that need to hear the Gospel of Christ. However, through the passage of time the religion known as Islam has become a predominant religion controlling the spread of the Gospel over many boarders. Unfortunately if Islam is not the issue then communism is as it controls many countries. Hinduism is also an issue; it is a very violent religion reminiscent of the Babylonian religions with their morbid gods and sacrificial practices. Because of these reasons today 's missionaries must look for creative ways to share Christ with sin sick people in countries where sharing the Gospel is met with scrutiny, persecution, or even death. Creative-access platforms provide the way.
Creative-access platforms are the practical means for providing mission workers the opportunity and relational basis for effectively accomplishing their main goal. God provides each believer with a platform from which to serve him and to communicate the Gospel. Platforms are a product of Gods calling, equipping and gifting. They provide a legitimate reason and right for sharing the faith among the nations. They are not a cover for covert activities but a basis for living among, interacting with, and communicating the gospel to those around us. (Pocock, Rheenen, & McConnell,
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A person must choose their businesses opportunities in such a way that it is most beneficial for both them and the community with which they are in. For example a person could not create an agriculture business in the middle of a thriving city. Where would they find farmable land? The logistics of such a business in a tightly packed city would be nearly impossible. However, if one chooses a viable area outside of a city they might find a more profitable option for ministry. In a more remote area the opportunity to provide jobs for those who could not go to the city for work could reach many people simply by touching just a few

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