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  • Analysis Of Carol Tavris And Aronson's Mistakes Were Made

    In the book, Mistakes Were Made (but not by me), Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson are able to showcase true life accounts of people that have made wrong decisions that were either unacceptable or completely terrible, who justified their actions as if they did nothing wrong. People do this because as humans, it is too complicated for us to admit that we have done something wrong, so instead we like to cover ourselves up with justifications. This then causes for the person to make the assumption that they have not made a mistake, but instead that others that surround them do. Each person has someone to help them make choices, whether it be a personal advisor, a partner, a whole community, they are there to assist, but usually, people like to…

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  • Mistakes Were Made Summary

    The book Mistakes Were Made, talks about the decisions we make and how and why we do the decisions psychologically. Mistakes Were Made, shows in good detail why people always disagree agree or have biases. A major aspect in the book is the factual evidence, with lots of examples, now because I am not a psychologist I must agree with the authors as it shows good evidence, as it seems that they use their past lives as examples, the info given makes sense and seems like common sense, so it should…

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  • Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me Essay

    The problem of “testilying” is as serious as the book Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me makes it out to be. “Testilying” leads to perjury, which is lying under oath in a court for example, meaning that if a police officer gives a false testimony the wrong person could be punished for an action not carried out by them. Nothing is done about it because it is hard to detect and the only way you could change the testimonials mind is by getting past their cognitive dissonance, which we know is a…

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  • Mark Twain's Mistakes Were Made

    The author of Mistakes Were Made(but not by me) claims that testifying is as serious as it seems because people have been wrongly convicted of crimes that they did not commit. As an example, defense attorneys, taped interrogations, perjury laws, and so forth are many strategies that can be used to commend someone for their crimes. If testifying is as serious as the book makes it, there is nothing being done about it because people refuse to acknowledge their wrongdoing. Testifying is most…

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  • Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me Analysis

    justice and the people that are caught up in it, lead to undesired consequences. In the book, Mistakes Were Made (but Not by Me) by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson, the idea of testilying is seen as a serious problem and that couldn’t be more right. Although, to beg the question, why isn’t something done about it? Well, no one wishes to interfere with others that may falsely accuse them as well. Even with this in mind, higher officials discluding evidence for different reasons, police tampering…

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  • Irrevocable In The Book Mistakes Were Made

    Journal Two One important aspect in the book Mistakes Were Made but not by me is irrevocability. I conclude that irrevocability is an important aspect of the book because it explains dissonance in the book which is when two of your beliefs collide and put you into a state of mental discomfort. Irrevocability is when you have made a decision that is irreversible, this supports the theory of dissonance because when you make a poor decision you try to release that tension in your thoughts and…

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  • Mistakes In Lewis Blackman's Essay On Criticism '

    Often times, mistakes are a combination of numerous occurrence that combine to make the perfect storm. I believe that Lewis Blackman’s Story is one such occurrence. However, it was not just the actual mistakes that made this case noteworthy. Mistakes are a human manifestation. As Alexander Pope wrote in “an Essay on Criticism”, to err is human, to forgive is divine. In Lewis’s story, I think an apology, in the great sense, would have gone a long way. Medical errors are now the third leading…

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  • My Mistakes In My Writing Analysis

    The amount of mistakes a human can make is innumerable and I am no exception. Never have I had a perfect paper; they’ve always had issues with the type of language, the portrayal, the grammar/mechanics of the writing, and the overall elaboration of the sentences. These aren’t difficult problems to fix, just careless mistakes. Most of these problems can be fixed with more editing, which comes to the most common mistake of my writing, revising. Although I do revise, I always miss small details…

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  • Overcoming Failure Narrative

    have experienced failure one time in my life, and I was taught multiple things that I continue to carry with me throughout my daily life. A time where I experienced failure occurred in 2007. I was riding my horse, Cupcake. We were just doing our basic drills that I was able to do at the age of 7. About the time this incident occurred, the National Finals Rodeo was on television and all of the big cowgirls whip their horse to encourage them to go faster so they win their event. Well, I wanted to…

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  • Japanese Ghost Don T Have Feet Summary

    Latice Castro In the article “Japanese Ghosts Don’t Have Feet” by Liza Dalby, an anthropologist’s experienced several mistakes while staying with her host family. The cultural values that where linked to her mistakes were collectivism vs. individualism, power distance, and nurturing vs. achievement. In this paper I will discuss the different ways she could have avoided her mistakes applying communication competence skills such as involvement, empathy, and cognitive complexity. Collectivism…

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