The Negative Impact Of Beauty Pageants On Young Children

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The everyday life of a child consists of being able to play, laugh, have fun and be with their friends. The innocence of a child is like nothing else and childhood can be referred as the best times of a person’s life considering they didn’t worry much. The Beauty Pageant Industry can destroy a child’s chance to live a carefree lifestyle by bringing health risks while damaging their self-image as well as exploiting the child.
Beauty pageants are very well known due to “Miss USA” and “Miss Universe,” but child beauty pageants are the most popular that many people seem to enjoy. Young girls are glammed up and taught to do a certain routine in order to win the hearts of the judges, but these types of activities can harm the child in various ways.
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Parents want the best for their kids. They want them to understand beauty also comes from within and that it’s not always about the physical appearance. Rodie notes, “…child beauty pageants teach young girls that their worth comes from their physical appearance” (2). By having them focus on their outer beauty, they undermine qualities such as kindness, intelligence and the ability to understand that everyone is different. Because being attractive is a major way a young girl can most certainly win a contest, and adding the factor that they are still young and around that age they’re still developing their perspectives, they will start to believe that their physical appearance is the main way to succeed in the real world. When rejected, this can leave imprints on them and make them feel like they’re not good or pretty enough for first place. These type of pageants also have a reputation of developing a certain image that a child wants to abide by. The author states, “This longing for perfection leads to long-term side impacts, causing superficiality, destroying self-worth and self-beauty...” (Lindsey 2). Children who are exposed to child beauty pageants are more prone to having difficulty accepting themselves after a while when they feel the way they look is not enough. They’re also likely to ridicule …show more content…
Most people refer to wanting to go back to their childhood, when they didn’t have to worry about the adult life and just play all day. A child should be able to experience that, not be in constant pressure and forced to live a life that requires so much competitiveness and being uptight. Although many people seem to enjoy Child Beauty Pageants they fail to see the many horrible outcomes that can be brought upon the contestant such as ruining their physical features from all the enhancements they went through, scarring the young girl’s mind because of rejection, and finally exploiting them to wear clothes that are way beyond their age. All of this can happen to a young little just because they were forced to entertain adults in ways children shouldn’t. In conclusion, Child Beauty Pageants shouldn’t bring so much stress to a child for materialistic items. In the long run this can have long term effects that no one would want a little girl to

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