Lucy Wolfe Critique

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The reliable source “Darling Divas or Damaged Daughters” written by Lucy Wolfe is relevant to my topic because it explores the physical and passionate strain pageant parents dispense on their kids witch I will explain more deeply in my paper. The author argues that mostly little girls are being on these industries which they dress them up and parade them around like a bazaar represent the purpose of a title as the best glamorous queen, as appeared on TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras. Wolfe analyzes that this child rearing style ought to be considered child abuse, and should be taken to trial in a court of law. Lucy Wolfe is a graduate law understudy at Tulane University Law School, who examined this subject with the assistance of her law educators. …show more content…
The "Borderline Child Pornography" Embraced By the American Public" is a reliable source by Christine Tamer. This article is relevant to my topic because, the fundamental bit of this article will investigate "glitz" child beauty pageants for kids under age 13, similar to those included on TLC and WE TV, and portray the harms such as occasions to kids .Christine Tamer in her article will fight that these shows lead to the "sexualization" of children, which is rationally perilous to the individual and in addition to society on the loose. The million-dollar request: is Candi a 25-year-old stripper in Vegas or a six-year-old kid in Nashville, Tennessee? Tuning into hit TV programs like The Leaming Channel's Toddlers and Tiaras or Women's Entertainment's Little Miss Perfect gives the irritating answer: Candi is a six-year-old beauty pageants princess. Most children don't even begin wearing makeup until their middle school or high school years- for this circumstance they have three year old wearing it. The dresses are revealing, the tans improbable and they are more impressive than an ordinary child. Tamer additionally goes into the historical background of pornography in the United States and relates it to the issues with child beauty pageants. Since the fundamental point in this article is all focused on the wrongful sexualization of children, I will be utilizing this as an essential source for my research

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