Beauty, An Igly Side Of The Beauty Industry

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As much as the beauty industry seems glamorous, there are many issues around the billion-dollar industry that affects a large majority of the population. The beauty industry is an industry that makes a huge impact on society today. So many young girls are striving to be what society perceives as beautiful by buying tons of beauty products and magazines that can give them that boost. As much as the beauty industry can have positive effects to our health, there an ugly side to the beauty industry.
The beauty industry consists of different areas such as hair care, makeup, skin care, fragrances, spas, beauty salons, cosmetic surgery, modeling and more. (WiseGeek). The beauty industry has very deep roots within history. Since the start of the human
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The self-esteem of a young person can be decreased when looking at an image of “real beauty”. When society doesn’t perceive you as “beautiful” it could lead to a deadly cycle of bullying, depression, then possibly suicide. 4,400 young people die of suicide yearly and most are young people ages 10-14 who are being bullied for how they look (NoBullying, 2014). The impact the beauty industry makes on society is different within different countries; different countries tend to advertise beauty in different ways. We are in a society where beauty is consumed by image and not aspects of who you are. The biggest stars are all attractive and most are all thin, notice how it is usually the larger one who gets made fun of in movies or is the “sad” one? The beauty industry makes it seem wrong to weigh over a certain number and makes people feel unattractive overall unless they buy something to “fix it”. Statistics shows that if you are more attractive you tend to make 5% more money at your job as well (Kruse, 2011). Needing to be “more attractive” is not only affecting adults and teens. Young kids are getting a corrupted mindset on what beauty is. It is suggested that kids start wearing only lip gloss at any age under 13 (Grundy, 2011). In reality, kids have to endure their young age and be happy about what they look like rather than trying to grow up and be like the people they see in magazines. …show more content…
Within the beauty industry, you hear about companies such as Victoria’s Secret starting campaigns such as “Perfect Body” with girls who seem to be at an unhealthy weight range. The Victoria’s secret campaign is a great example of unethical marketing due to the message they are sending out to their younger audience. Thousands of people ended up arguing with the company to have them remove their ad and apologize, but they changed the campaign to “A perfect body for everybody” (Stampler, 2014). The marketing for the perfect body campaign was unethical on Victoria’s Secrets part due to its nature of suggesting that in order to be “perfect” you need to have tons of makeup and be super skinny. In reality, the beauty industry within modeling can really impact a person’s self-esteem and

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