Plastic Surgery Pros And Cons Essay

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A Look into Plastic Surgery
The concept of beauty has changed a lot over the last few years. Today, it has the power to hurt people and sometimes lives. Our society is completely ruled by mass media, which is always showing perfect faces and perfect bodies, which are usually fake or created. Women and young people are especially affected by these kinds of stereotypes of perfection served almost everywhere. These stereotypes are changing the way we perceive others and even the way we perceive ourselves. “Body fashion, like other cultural phenomena, changes with time, place, and value. It appears that the more the human body is exposed to display, the greater a variety of technologies will develop to mold it into culturally pleasing icons” (Thompson). However, the question is: should we accept surgeries? On one hand, surgery can help people who have suffered from accidents or that have been born with a malformation, but on the contrary hand it enslaves people looking for perfection and the power of "eternal youth." It all depends on our tastes and our pockets. So, this paper will focus in the pros and cons of the plastic surgery.
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According to the Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, plastic surgery is a “branch of surgery, dealing with the remodeling of any portion of the human body to repair damage or deformity, or for cosmetic purposes” (Funk &

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