Persuasive Speech On Plastic Surgery

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To get everyone’s attention, I would like to show everyone what I will be talking about today.

This is what rhinoplasty looks like.

If that does not get you to pay attention to my speech, then I don’t know what will. What I do know is that the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that there were over 11 million surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures performed in the United States, alone, in 2013.

I would now like everyone to answer this question to themselves: What were your first thoughts when I flashed the image on the screen? I know at least a few people in this room probably thought negatively about the procedure because whenever I was discussing my persuasive topic, I happened to overhear a few of you mock me
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Kieran from the Annals of Medical and Healthy Sciences Research in 2015 simply suggests to educate the general public that, and I quote, “the vast majority of patients who undergo plastic surgery do so because they need to and the vast majority of surgeons who specialize in this area do so because they wish to improve the quality-of-life of people with disfiguring conditions.”

Like I said before, just simply having a more open minded view will help, but for those who are looking to do more, here’s an idea. Go to to ban plastic surgery television shows that reflect the profession and the patients as a mockery.

All I am asking of you all is to be more accepting of the idea of plastic surgery, and in doing so, it will benefit society and each and everyone of you.

If you choose to look at plastic surgery as a specialty that improves lives, then someone else will, and so on and so forth. A chain reaction can help change how plastic surgery is perceived overtime. Ultimately, the professionalism of plastic surgeon’s careers will be viewed more seriously; patients will not have to undergo any more psychological harm; people who have thought of becoming a patient as a result of a deformity or insecurity will have the courage to do so; and more qualified doctors will be encouraged to enter the

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