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  • Secularization Of The Missions Essay

    The secularization of the missions was created during the time when the Spanish had begun to have a fond interest on the new found Californian land. Most importantly, the Spaniards used the missions as a method to impose their imperial control over Indians. The secularization of the missions was significantly in part to convert the Indians to Catholicism and teach them about the European traditions. The secularization of the California missions was a steady and elongated process. In the readings, the California Departmental Legislature, wrote the “Provisional Ordinance for the Secularization of the Missions of Upper California”, and in this document the Congress of Mexico established laws that would cause closure to the missions. Some of the…

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  • Los Angeles Advantages And Disadvantages

    We chose Los Angeles to be the home of the Stingrays because Los Angeles is one of the only biggest cities in the country that doesn 't have a football team there, but also Los Angeles is one of the wealthiest cities in America, and it 's also surrounded by wealthy cities such as, San Jose and Silicon Valley. The average age in Los Angeles is about 34 which means most of the people in the Los Angeles region are employed. The average household income is about $55,000 which shows that families can…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Red Box Canyon

    On this weekend, our leader Mario had selected Red Box Canyon which is situated on the West Fork of the San Gabriel River. We were headed for The Valley Forge Campground. A round trip hike of around six miles in and out. We had planned to stay over night and pack out on Sunday. We had a full group with us, besides ourselves, there was Ralph and his brother, Kevin, Jim Spencer and his son Tim, and Mark Cook. This is an excellent trail shaded by a forest canopy of oak,spruce, and alders.The trail…

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  • Transportation In Los Angeles

    In Los Angeles, people are always up and about. There is a constant need for luxury transportation as people go out to parties, special events, or corporate affairs. Whatever the reason, transportation is a must through the busy, popular location. Our services are versatile, as we adhere to the need of a wide fan base. Customers enjoy our services because we listen to what their specific needs are and we cattier to them. We also provide reasonable prices and excellent customer support. Take a…

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  • The Alamo Battle Analysis

    small group of Texas defenders led by Colonel James Bowie and Lieutenant Colonel William Travis fought a large contingent of the Mexican Army led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Hickman (2015) states that in late autumn of 1835, a small group of Texas rebels surrounded the Mexican garrison in the town of San Antonio de Bexar. On 11 December 1835, Mexican General Martin Perfecto de Cos surrendered the town. Cos was sent back to Mexico. The Texans took control and occupied the Alamo, an…

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  • The Alamo Movie Analysis

    The most heroic, critical and significant battles of our Texas history is of the infamous battle for the Alamo. This essay is to provide a very short comparsion of the old and newly revised version of the Alamo. Is the revised version a myth? Or was it created to be more modern and understandable? The fact is that the Texas solders who defended the Alamo were not properly armed, trained and were greatly outnumbered, but had a heart of bravery the odds were truly against them, but that didn’t…

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  • A Line In The Sand Analysis

    A Line in the Sand is a written documentary created by Randy Roberts and James S. Olson in which analyzes several aspects of one of the most famous events in Texas history, the battle of the Alamo. The battle of the Alamo was and has been controversial in that very little is known about what exactly happened during the siege. It was an event that caused a massive uproar during the Texas revolution and it also added more ire and will to succeed to the rebels at the time. The Alamo in blood in…

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  • Summary: The Luck Of Roaring

    1. Based on your handouts and class discussion, explain in your own words why the hidden mural at Mission Dolores is an important artifact with regard to the nexus between the Ohline people and the Spanish settlers of San Francisco. Hidden murals were painting on the interior wall of the church. Not only it was decorative, but it also shows vital devotional function from worshipers. The mural is very meaning for Ohline people and the Spanish settlers of San Francisco. As we know, the first…

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