Summary: The Luck Of Roaring

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1. Based on your handouts and class discussion, explain in your own words why the hidden mural at Mission Dolores is an important artifact with regard to the nexus between the Ohline people and the Spanish settlers of San Francisco.

Hidden murals were painting on the interior wall of the church. Not only it was decorative, but it also shows vital devotional function from worshipers. The mural is very meaning for Ohline people and the Spanish settlers of San Francisco. As we know, the first wall painting in San Francisco is also the first one in California. The mural was like a connection between invisible and visible which means that mural can help people to feel the existence of the divine. These murals includes of some simple architectural parts by painting from artists, so mural is a very
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In this beginning of this story, we know some background of this story. In the roaring camp, all people living here are poor and also rude, and they fight with each other all day. It shows that roaring camp is a bad place to live. As we know, because of the gold rush fever, many people came to California. They are also poor, and that is why they came here in order to get rich. These people did not have well education, and the only thing they have is that brave which is to go on getting more money. One same thing between gold rush and roaring camp is that they were poor and they wanted to get rich. In the middle of this story, we know the people get a better life compared with their previous life. Many people also get rich during the period of gold rush. In this story, it is not a happy ending, because the floor destroy this camp. In 1949, many people who find the gold also did not have a good ending such as Chinese people. Many of them were killed. Like in this story, the flood took away all gold, and people have nothing. Thus, we can think “The Luck of Roaring Camp” is like a metaphor for the Gold

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