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  • Venezuela

    Venezuela is in South America, between Columbia and Guyana. It’s bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It has a humid, tropical climate, but its more moderate in the highlands. The capital is Caracas. As of 2014, the population was 28,868,486. They have an ethnic make-up of Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arab, German, African and indigenous people. Most of the people are predominately Roman Catholic, 96%. The rest are Protestant, 2%, and other, 2%. There are about 40 languages spoken in Venezuela. But, Spanish is the official language, and is the most common language. Wayuu, Warao, Piraroa, Yanomami, Kahlihna, Manduhuaca, Panaré, Penóm, Guahibo, and Nhengtu are the indigenous languages spoken in the country. Most of which…

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  • The Role Of Socialism In Venezuela

    Summary: Through history socialism has shown people that it is not effective in different countries around the world. A great example of this is my country Venezuela, there the government is trying to apply this type of economic system for the past 17 years, and it haven’t done anything better for the country. The country is a total disaster on the economic area and people is starving just for the fact that the government did not know how to manage their basic needs productions. This article…

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  • Venezuela Culture Profile

    Profile – Venezuela 1. I am meeting someone for the first time and I want to make a good impression. What would be good discussion topics? You would like to start off with a greeting such as good morning and a nice firm handshake because it’s a good way to express trust towards the other person. As for conversation topics Venezuelans like to talk about family, work, hobbies, etc., but should avoid talking about politics because some may take it very seriously. Venezuelans are very charismatic…

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  • The Importance Of Crisis In Venezuela

    Good Evening Fellow Americans at the Washington Office on Latin America I would like to begin by stating that it is an honor to be here, addressing the nation on our relations with our hemispheric neighbors in Latin America. First of all, I want to emphasize that it is our campaign and our party’s goal to build partnerships based on mutual respect with all of our hemispheric neighbors across Latin America. We want to build partnerships that promote prosperity, democracy and peace across Latin…

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  • How To Live In Venezuela

    Our participant “Nick” is a 26-year-old international student currently doing a Master’s degree in Geophysics at Curtin University in Western Australia. He was born in March 1990 in the small town of Ciudad Ojeda located in the western state of Zulia, in Venezuela, South America. Nick was born in what he described as a “somehow typical Venezuelan family”, which consists of his father, mother and older sister, described to be really close, warm and understanding to each other. Throughout his…

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  • Unemployment In Venezuela Essay

    largest company in South America, Venezuela is known for being one of the world’s leading producer in petroleum, manufacturing, gems and precious metals. Over the last three years, Venezuela’s overall lack of economic growth and government actions internationally seem to have some form of responsibility to its current state. Venezuela currently has an estimate of 14.09 percent unemployment rate compared to United States unemployment rate of 5.2 percent in the year 2015. This number of unemployed…

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  • Essay About Venezuela

    Located in the northern region of South America on the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela dates back to the fifteenth century when Columbus visited it in 1498. During this period in time the country was inhabited by the Arawakan people and others. Venezuala was colonized by Spain in the late 1520s and eventually became part of the viceroyalty of New Granada. Over a period of time, Venezuela won their independence in 1821 in federation with Columbia and Ecuador. This enabled them to break off and be…

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  • Simon Bolivar And The Challenges Of The Independence Movement In Venezuela

    The independence movement in Venezuela, like in other countries in Latin America, was a tumultuous one. Even after the achieval of independence, Venezuela still struggled to maintain a successful government. Before the independence movements, loyalty to the Spanish rule was the common sentiment; a loyalty that would continue even during the Peninsular War. This caused many revolutionaries like Simon Bolivar to resort to wear the mask of Fernando VII in the juntas due to the lack of support…

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  • Vacation In C. E. Mason's Where In Venezuela

    “¿Dónde no lo puedes encontrar ni devolverlo a EE.UU?” Where you can’t find him or take him back the U.S.? The man reverted to his lie. This answer displeased Roger Nelson who applied more pressure to the man’s wrist. The man grimaced more,“ ¿No se dónde se lo llevaron?” The poor man didn’t know where C.E. Mason was taken. Although a bit more pressure encouraged him to blurt out: “Creo que a Venezuela.” To Venezuela. “¿A que lugar en Venezuela?” Where in Venezuela? “A esta dirección?” the man…

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  • Essay On Abuse Of Power

    How might the abuse of power and control can impact a society? Would you ever live in a society that has abuse of power or being controlled. Countries like Venezuela and Cambodia has different problems going on that is based on the abuse of power that the leaders have. In cambodia they been hit with extreme drugs and crime rates and also a lot of people have died due to the crime and drugs. In Venezuela they have been faced with abuse of power with their president Hugo Chavez which increased…

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