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  • Essay On Heavy Metal Music

    Throughout time, music has been one of the most influential and moving art the world has known. Music can change people’s mood, behavior, and beliefs. One particular genre of rock music popular among young people is heavy metal. Many people enjoy listening to this type of music and love going to concerts were heavy metal is played. Even though many people enjoy it others believe this genre is associated with violence, depression and more negative behaviors. Weather heavy metal influences behavior or not, continues to be an ongoing debate. In this paper I will discuss why heavy metal is associated to suicides, aggression, reckless behavior and violence. There have been many studies attempting to discover if heavy metal is correlated with suicides. Heavy metal is known by its themes of mental chaos and references to homicide, suicide, and satanic practices. There are speculations that some songs are misinterpreted by listeners and result in them committing suicide or going to schools and shoot others. In some cases, parents have tried to sue artists blaming them for their children’s suicide. Heavy metal listeners tend to have higher levels of anxiety and depression. Heavy metal listeners tend to be more antisocial and only fit in with people that they think are like them. They often show more antisocial behaviors than others who listen to different genres of music. Girls who like heavy metal music also show lower self-esteem. In the article, Heavy Metal Music and Adolescent…

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  • Informative Speech On Snakes

    Specific Purpose: To inform my audience the differences between glass lizards and general snakes by their taxonomic classification, biological anatomy, and their preferable diets. Central Idea: Though the glass lizard resembles snakes, the two differ between each other greatly by the anatomy of their body, genetic makeup, and their preferable diets. Introduction I. Relax and dream for a minute. a. Relaxing with friends and suddenly something creeps up on you. b. Don’t attack but observe.…

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  • Stonefish Research Paper

    1.Introduction Venom is an general expression indicating to different forms of toxins secreted naturally by living organisms: microbes, plants, or animals.; these animals have developed their behaviors as defense mechanisms or to help them hunt for food by using their venom , or they can be produced synthetically .Toxin acts through two mechanisms either by effecting nervous system or by damaging tissues or organs (Franz et al., 1997). Animal venoms are complicated natural sources of…

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  • Jellyfish Sting

    Do Cnidarians replace their stinging cells once used? Many people are familiar with the Jellyfish sting. When a jellyfish brushes against someone and they feel pain, they are feeling the cells along the jellyfish's tentacles referred to as cnidocytes. These cells harbor tiny projectiles full of venom, called nematocysts. There are many questions about the sting of the jellyfish, the structures involved, and the venom delivered. Specifically, do Cnidarians possess any capabilities of…

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  • Case Study Of Haffkine Biopharmaceutical Corporation Limited

    2. Materials Haffkine Biopharmaceutical Corporation Limited (HBPCL), Maharashtra, India, made available the venoms of Indian cobra (CV), Common krait (KV), Russell’s viper (RV), and Saw scaled viper (EV) and ASVA. The venoms were distributed in small aliquots, lyophilized, and stored at -20o C. Adult male Swiss albino mice (18 - 20 g) and New Zealand white male rabbits (2.0 - 3.0 kg) were maintained at HBPCL, Maharashtra, India and used for experimentation. Complete Freund 's adjuvant (CFA),…

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  • Action Potentials In The Mojave Rattlesnake

    Through the genetic diversity, the Mojave rattlesnake is the only snake to have developed this specific type of neurotoxin. However, there is an interesting variation of the venom within the genus. The South American rattlesnake (Crotalus durissus terrificus) is closely related to the Mojave rattlesnake. It differs slightly, because the South American rattlesnake possesses a crotoxin, whose genetic composition is only slightly different than that of the Mojave rattlesnake (Aird, Kaiser, Lewis, &…

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  • Essay On Water Moccasins

    It possesses a pair of heat-sensing pits between their eyes and nostrils. They are able to detect temperature differences of as little as 1° C. Cottonmouths eat both warm and cold-blooded prey, including other water snakes. Prey such as frogs, fish, and other snakes are held in the jaws for a few moments after capture to allow them to succumb to the venom. Mammals (which are likely to bite back) are struck and then instantly released. If the victim flees before the venom takes effect, the…

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  • Why Do Jellyfish Sting

    While you are swimming in the ocean, you feel like something touches your body. In few minutes, you feel very itchy and a burning sensation. You realize that you are had been stung by a jellyfish. Not all jellyfish sting. Some of them are not dangerous to humans. Different jellyfish carry different venom, the symptoms and treatment of the sting differs from one to the other. People should know how do these beautiful gelatinous creatures pack such a painful punch, how to treat if they sting and…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Mongoose And The King Cobra

    can sneak around quickly and fight better. Funk and Wagnalls (2014) states that mongoose can attack the “largest and most poisonous snakes.” Mongoose can attack the largest and longest snakes, and the cobra is long and very poisonous. Mongoose can use their speed to attack long and poisonous snakes. Finally, the opposing side believes that the cobra would win yet, I disagree for many different reasons. Klum (2001) states that cobras are “the longest venomous snake.” Even though the cobra is…

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  • Water Moccasin Research Paper

    Water snakes are sometimes are poisonous. Water moccasin‘s are you might recognize the name cottonmouth it is another name for water moccasin. They live in cape Charles, Virginia, to the middle Alabama boundary, then to southern Illinois, to the Pecos River to the Rio Grande meet Texas. Water moccasin can be seen sunning but mostly active at night they reach almost 4 feet long but end up almost 6 feet. If the snake is dark greenish type color. Fish, birds, other snakes, frogs, baby alligators,…

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