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  • Planning An Event Analysis

    locations and get estimates from various venues to fit your budget. Proposing a budget early on will be helpful in keeping your expenses in check. The bigger the event, the more money it will cost. There are several factors that will play a significant part in your budget. Food, entertainment, decorations, and supplies are just some that you need to consider. Decide if it is better to have the event catered or have a potluck. If you go with the catering option then you should have an idea of the menu. You will have to decide if appetizers will be served, how many courses will be provided, and if there are substitutes for those with a special diet. In addition, you should note if alcoholic beverages are a necessity or not. There is usually more paperwork involved when it comes to serving alcohol, so be aware of that. Venues and catering companies sometimes go hand in hand. Getting estimates will help in selecting the company that fits into the budget. Provide the caterer with the number of invitees, the time, date and make sure their calendar is also clear. There will be some companies who not only provide a venue, but a catering option as well. It is important to get a comprehensive price which covers all aspects of the event, including but not limited to: set-up, clean-up, linens, tips, and service. For those venues which do not provide caterers, you should ask if they are affiliated with any caterers. Sometimes a venue without a catering company on site work…

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  • Industry Studies Research Assessment Task

    Research Assessment Task Overview Music venues play a very important role in society. Before musicians could physically record their work, the only way for people to experience music was to see it live, at some type of venue. Whether it be a bandstand or arena, music has been bringing people, musicians and their art together for a long time. That’s a venue’s fundamental purpose. Through technological advances, the music scene has grown and developed rapidly since the mid-20th century.…

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  • Music And Hearing Loss

    Similarly, workers at music venues state that they follow the minimal requirements for volume levels, and do not protect their own ears at the venue in the article, Music venues and hearing loss: Opportunities for and barriers to improving environmental conditions written by Ineke Vogel and Hein Raat, Catharina P.B. VanderPloeg, and Johannes Brug. Ineke Vogel and Hein Raat work in the Department of Public Health at the University Medical Center. Catharina P.B. VanderPloeg works in the Department…

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  • Olympic Games Case Study

    the 2008 olympic games in Beijing China. All but a few countries prepared tirelessly to take part in what was projected to be one of the best games ever. While L.A. used existing stadiums and venues for their games, Beijing had a grand total of thirty one venues, however 17 of those venues were built for the arrival of the olympic games. Los Angeles and Beijing both had spectacular venues for their given time. L.A. had the Los Angeles…

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  • Swot Analysis West Hollywood

    West Hollywood is a city in Los Angeles, California. West Hollywood is known for a variety of things, including the Sunset Strip, its large LGBT population and regular celebrity sightings. Since its earliest years, West Hollywood has earned a reputation for its nightlife and home to emerging artists in the entertainment industry. Based on the city’s history and current demographics, it is suitable for a new live entertainment venue to be established. SWOT Analysis Strengths: One of the biggest…

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  • Event Budgeting Case Study

    Choosing the Right Venue with Event Planner Tammie Hawkins Choosing the perfect venue for an event is one of the most important aspects of Event Planning, according to Tammie Hawkins. The venue sets the scene for the entire function, and a poorly chosen venue has the chance of ruining even the most lavish occasion. There are many things to consider when choosing the ideal venue, the first item is the cost. If the client 's budget for an event is ten thousand dollars, it does not make sense to…

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  • The Importance Of Community Performance And Practice

    making the piece and company grow. If you are organizing an event, one of the first decisions that will need to be made is the choice of venue. No matter what type of event you are planning, you need to find a place to hold it in a convenient, accessible location which has the space and facilities you need. Your choice of venue can have a significant impact on both the success of your event and the budget, so it needs consideration. If the space is too small everyone will be cramped and the…

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  • The Importance Of Large Corporations In Sports

    better way to do this by comparing the drink to the feeling of winning a gold medal. I believe that the reason that large corporations use sports to endorse their products or market their brand is because they want you to associate their name with the sport. For example, a child who is a fan of hockey may see their favorite player advertising a certain product, the child may then believe that he/she needs that specific product. Since professional athletes are so highly valued in society, we…

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  • Explain How To Allocate Work To Individual Team Members

    Having information sources is very handy when organising an event because you need to know different bits of information such as if the venue is actually available, the cost of the venue if it is available. You will also need information sources if you are hiring speakers or trainers to help assist the…

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  • Detroit, Michigan Case Study

    The city has plans to use millions in aid remove blight on a larger scale in which could clear the area needed to build this massive project. By hosting the Olympic games, Detroit essentially accomplishes two goals with one event: establishing the city as an international tourist destination for economic gain and redevelopment of area to attract new residents from higher financial brackets. Because the IOC has requirements on how close the Olympic village must be located in relation to other…

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