2004 Summer Olympics

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  • London 2012 Olympics Research Paper

    mega-events like the Olympics. There are many contradictory views about the reasons that make the country want or be unwilling to host the Olympic games. The question that arises here is whether the impacts that will be reflected on the economic and social position in the host country are worth to take this risk. At the outset, I would like to shed light on the reasons that push the country to host the Olympic games. Economically, This country will necessarily be the focus of the investment attraction from everywhere. There are two…

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  • Error Is Inevitable In Sports

    Error is inevitable in sports. False starts, missed open shots, dropped passes, bad calls: error today greatly intertwines with sports that the two are rarely seen separated. But error does not only exist in the sport itself: it reaches a larger audience, as its effects can extend across a global scale. The Olympics has long called for “a halt to all conflicts … [and to] strive towards a more peaceful world” (The Modern Olympic Games), but multifaceted issues soon spoiled its biennial message.…

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  • Olympics Economy Benefits

    The Olympic games have developed over recent years into one of the most important and significant international sporting events across the globe. Not only does the games provide a platform for athletes to show there skills and talents, it also offers hosting cities to benefit through the accumulated investment triggered by staging the Games, both economically and socially. Its become quite clear the importance of securing such an event, with the increases of the number of cities bidding to host…

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  • How Has Softball Changed

    It has impacted the world by becoming a popular international sport and the United States then, by giving us Americans, the gold and silver medals at the Summer Olympic games and now by allowing ou Olympic team to continue the quest for gold at the 2020 Tokyo games. We are very proud of the phenomenal athletes past and present, for their dedication, hard work and perseverance. The game of softball has acquired several historical players over the years, such as the amazing Olympic gold and silver…

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  • Masculinity In Murderball

    Rubin and Shapiro’s inspiring documentary, Murderball, associates with the notion of “masculinity” as expressed in Cynthia Barounis’ “Crippling Heterosexuality” by zeroing in on the combative habits of a quad rugby player, the essence of the sport, and the relationships of the players with their significant others. Murderball illustrates the game previously known as “Murderball,” now referred to as wheel chair rugby, and the experiences of Team U.S.A. and Team Canada to the 2004 Paralympics. It…

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  • Thorns: A Global City Analysis

    Starting in 2005, the bidding processes began to select an eligible city to host the 2012 Summer Olympics. Competing against five other global, post-industrial cities, London, England was selected to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. As the chosen host for the 2012 Summer Olympics, the city of London highlights the social, economic and cultural benefits of planning, production and execution of a major global event on a world stage. As a global, post-industrial city embodying the morals and…

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  • The Corruption Of The Olympic Games

    The Olympic Games have existed throughout the world for over one hundred years and continue to gain popularity between countries. This event has been hosted in places such as Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan, Germany, and so many more. In recent history, however, there has been an ongoing controversial topic about this famous event. After accusations of corruptness were brought out on the IOC (International Olympics Committee), people felt unsteady and unsafe with where the games were hosted.…

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  • Summer Olympic Games

    What have others said around the topic Since the research question is ‘What kind of political situation in host countries of modern Summer Olympic Games is reflected by the images of opening ceremonies’, the topic of the research concerns the country’s political condition which can be reflected by holding national and international events such as Olympic Games. There have been various opinions on this topic. According to Bayliss et al (2004), the political environment of the time can be…

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  • The Importance Of Human Resilience In Boys In The Boat By Daniel James Brown

    The ability to overcome tough obstacles in an individual's life is known as human resilience. The book “Boys in the boat”, written by Daniel James Brown, is about a young man named Joe Rantz, who is on the rowing team for the University of Washington. He had to overcome many challenges regarding his past, but it didn’t stop him from gaining a spot on the United States Olympic crew team. He helped lead his team to victory, despite the hardships of living alone as a teenager. The second story…

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  • Short Biography: Jennie Finch As An American Softball Player

    the Arizona State school system, but she also wanted to continue playing softball. The Olympics were only two years away and earning a spot on the varsity squad was Finch 's goal. She accomplished her goal in 2004 when she helped lead the U.S.A with a gold medal victory over Australia at the Summer Olympics in Athens (“Jennie Finch Biography”). When Finch returned home from the Olympics, she was a nationwide celebrity. She was featured on many talk shows and magazines but she never lost…

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