Ventromedial prefrontal cortex

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  • The Importance Of Health Care Decisions For Adolescents

    associated with the psychological elements of rational consent.”2 This may be true in some cases. However, some adolescents still need to develop the virtues that will enhance their long-term self-sufficiency. It is understandable to grant adults with autonomy since they have a brink level of proficiency. Children, however, need a protected period in order to develop these enabling virtues to ultimately advance their life-time independence. They need a period of time to develop comprehensive skills and habits of self-control in order for them to avoid making impulsive or reckless decisions.2 This approach could be viewed on a cognitive level as well. On one hand, it is proven that adults think with the rational part of the brain, called the prefrontal cortex.4 This allows adults to make the most logical decision based on the situation they are faced with. On the other hand, adolescents think with the emotional part of the brain, called the amygdala.4 There are many times when an adolescent uses emotion and impulse to make their decisions. At time teens will make a rash decision without truly understanding the consequences. Instead, emotion takes over their disposition. They are young and their decision making strategies and processes demonstrate this. In most situations, parents are presumed to be in the best position to make these decisions for their child. However, it is still not ideal that adolescents should be ignored in the decision making process. Diagnostic tests…

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  • Essay On Trolley Dilemma

    normally having structural and functional abnormalities in the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala, that involves the impaired capacity for empathy and remorse, as well as and impaired responsiveness to fear-inducing stimuli and poor behavior control. Moral responsibility requires that the agents have control over their motivational states and actions that affect others, which psychopaths lack. However, even though psychopaths may act impulsively without empathy or remorse, they are not…

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  • Yoga Meditation Analysis

    your stress, anxiety or simply improve you quality of life. But you may ask how is this actually possible? Yoga meditation has proven to alter parts of the brain just with even the bare minimum of sitting for 15 to 30 minutes per day. Meditation, which focuses on awareness of your breathing, sounds, and presence in the moment has effectively reduced stress levels, balanced perspectives, and guided in a positive difference of how one approaches life. In the article “This is your brain on…

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  • Memory And Episodic Memory

    for this reason, they are more likely to encode into the long-term memory (Schaefer & Rotte, 2007; Plassmann, et al., 2012). Moutinho et al., (2014) remark that decisions about any brand are made in a conscious way from past events and retrieval process makes to happen by declarative memory. Besides, the experiences or culture has the impact on brand choices, so this kind of personal detail about brands affects the retrieval process to bring out from episodic memory (Ratnayake, et al., 2010;…

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  • Invitation To The Lifespan Analysis

    those of adults. The study consisted of having both teens and adults looking at images of adult faces and having them describe what emotion they saw in said faces. The researchers were surprised to see that while adults were able to accurately decipher the emotions on the faces the teenagers struggled. What the researches found according to Spinks (n.p.) was, “that teens mostly used the amygdala, a small almond shaped region that guides instinctual or “gut” reaction, while the adults relied on…

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  • What's My Age Again Analysis

    actualization, realizing one’s true potential she needed to find an environment that would meet her need to belong. Also, her acknowledgement of the variation between her socialization, how she was nurtured/ grew up, and the socialization found in her desired environment is a major theme within this song. Teenagers: The song encompasses many units from our AP psych class. Teenagers are known for abnormal behavior, taking part in activities that are socially unacceptable; a lot of this reckless…

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  • Multitasking In Education

    Since multitasking is here to stay, there are a couple suggestions on how to be able to manage multitasking and use of technology. One of the ways is to work on a single task before moving on. The reason being, when we are assigned a task, the prefrontal cortex of the brain takes control and assigns different parts of the brain to handle them, (Shao & Shao, 2012,p.77). By being focused on one, we ensure the fact that task will get completed. Think of a To Do List. How many times did it seem…

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  • Ptsd In Good Will Hunting

    is. Not only that but if Will was riased in an enriched envirement he could have been even mroe intellegent than he was. The question now is how would have this child abuse and traumatic stress have affected Will brain development. Research on neuroplasticity has really show how much potential the brain has to change, and traumatic events likely have an even larger effect on our brain. PTSD has been associated with smaller hippocampal and…

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  • Why Kids Become Adults Essay

    often confused with irresponsibility and immaturity. This is a reason why the question “When do kids become adults?” is a very debatable topic among people today. People argue over the ages for driving, voting, drinking, etc. The legal age of adulthood is currently 18 years old. This age of consent should remain the same because 18 years old is a fit age for adulthood. There lies a great deal of rationality as to why 18 years old is when kids become adults. For instance, brain studies have…

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  • Funtional Organizational Behavior Analysis

    connectivity was lower in early-onset compared to late-onset AD in auditory-, sensory-motor, dorsal-visual systems and the default mode network. Overall they came to the conclusion that functional organization was more disrupted in early-onset AD patients when compared with late-onset AD patients. However, they warned that the sample from this study was small and from similar locations so it really wasn’t meant to be seen as a trend across all Alzheimer’s patients. In their 2015 article, Manning…

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