Donald Trump Debate Analysis

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With just over thirty days until election day in America, Donald Trump (R) has his work cut out for him. As Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton (D) approach election day, each of them need to strategize differently in order to succeed. Mr. Trump needs to secure the undecided voters and hold on to his locked in voters. A very hands-on approach to politics should be used by Mr. Trump in the next thirty days. Mr. Trump needs to be out on the campaign trail working for every last vote he can get. The media portrayed the first presidential debate on Monday, September 26th to be a ‘win’ by Hilary Clinton. However, Trump’s favorability rating has risen three percent in the three days following the debate (1). This proves that Trump’s minimalist approach to the debate worked in his favor. Although Trump did not prepare for this debate in the same way as Hilary Clinton, mock debates, etc. (2); he prepared through the speeches that he gave leading up the debate. If Trump uses this same technique leading up to the next debate, he may not end up with as favorable results. According to how supporters talked about Trump’s performance after the first debate (1), Trump may need …show more content…
Voters like knowing what they are getting themselves into (22). This is very difficult for a Donald Trump supporter. Donald Trump has vague plans that he has “explained” to his supporters. Nonetheless, Trump lacks specific, step-by-step formulas on how he is going to run America. Trump has explained, repeatedly, what he is going to do. Yet, he has not gone into detail as to how he will do it. For example, Trump has persisted that Mexico will pay for his wall at the border, even after Mexican president, Pena Nieto, has stated otherwise (23). Moreover, Trump has insisted he has a plan to fight ISIS, yet the plan is nowhere to be found (24). For Trump to successfully clench the title of President, he must begin thinking about, and eventually publishing, his specific plans for in

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